This year in fashion: 8 moments we’ll remember from 2021

With only a few weeks left until 2022, it’s time to sum up the fashion year that has passed. This year has been a year to remember (or not) with an ongoing pandemic and restrictions 1. The return of the Met Gala 2021 Every year on the first Monday in May the fashion elite gathers…

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With only a few weeks left until 2022, it’s time to sum up the fashion year that has passed. This year has been a year to remember (or not) with an ongoing pandemic and restrictions

1. The return of the Met Gala 2021

Every year on the first Monday in May the fashion elite gathers in New York to celebrate American fashion. The event was canceled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and this year’s gala was rescheduled for the same reason. But on September 13 all the fashion gurus, celebrities and media finally gathered at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. During this spectacular night, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky became the night’s best-dressed couple when they arrived, but it’s Kim Kardashian’s jet-black, head-to-toe Balenciaga body stocking that illustrated the night for many of us

2. Balenciaga x Crocs

Balenciaga’s collaboration together with the shoe brand Crocs brings me back to my childhood memories when me and my family went camping every summer. I remember this giant shop where you could buy Crocs in all possible colors, and these shoes were the trendiest item you could wear as a nine-year-old at a campsite in southeastern Sweden. Ok, enough of me being sentimental and looking back on my childhood memories, in 2021 Balenciaga once again teamed up with Crocs and it might be one of the year’s most talked-about collaborations.

The two brands created a stiletto version of the Croc which is a part of Balenciaga’s spring/summer 2022 collection, which comes in bright green and in black. They look exactly like the regular Crocs, have a rubber finish, plenty of holes, and a strap back, but then they also feature a high heel. Perfect for a night out (please don’t buy them).

3. Fashion Week made a comeback

When the pandemic released the worst stranglehold on the public, the pilgrimages to Paris, London, New York, and Milan began once again. After two seasons that have been almost completely virtual, the spring/summer 2022 collections marked the comeback of the bi-annual event. And who could be happier than all the designers, stylists, photographers and of course the important people sitting front row at the shows?

4. Millennial fashion took over

This is the year when 00s fashion made a splendid comeback. It was not enough that Fendi’s baguette bag came back – in 2021 everything was full-on millennial style with low jeans, tight vests, and everything else that belongs to this era. Did you also grow up with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton as your role models? Well, this year we had the opportunity to dress like them and without feeling ashamed.

5. Chanel celebrated the 100th anniversary of N°5

2021 doesn’t only mark 100 years of Swedish women’s voting rights but also 100 years of Chanel N°5. As the world’s bestselling, most-notable, and first scent ever created by a woman, the 100th anniversary of Chanel’s iconic fragrance was a party worth remembering. The party was held at New York City’s Rockefeller Center and the most well-known ice skating rink in the world was adorned with a grand display of the Chanel N°5 logo.

6. The loss of great designers

2021 will take place in the history books as a year when the fashion industry lost several strong fashion profiles to premature death. Off-Whites and Louis Vuitton’s designer Virgil Abloh died of cancer at just 41 years old and Alber Elbaz, 59, best known from Lanvin, died in the suites of Covid-19. It’s safe to say that Virgil and Alber are one of the industry’s biggest losses!

7. 200 years of Louis Vuitton

It’s 200 years since the story about the fashion house Louis Vuitton started. As a 14 year old the talented carpenter named Louis Vuitton left Jura, a small town between France and Switzerland, for bigger dreams in Paris. Two years later he arrived in the city of lights and love (yes, he walked by foot) and the rest is history. For Louis Vuitton’s 200 year birthday the brand, together with 200 creatives, designed trunks based on the original that was displayed in Louis Vuitton shop windows around the world. But the celebration doesn’t end there. The brand trusted writer Caroline Bongrand to write a fictionalized biography of the founder. And before 2021 ends, a documentary called Looking for Louis, dealing with the designer’s life will be aired on Apple TV.

8. And Just Like That

The new chapter of Sex and the City, “And Just Like That”, has been eagerly awaited by fans around the world and the tv-series finally had its premiere. Our favorite New Yorkers are back on screen and we can’t wait to binge-watch the new season!

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