Lundtan’s Energy Drink Test

The last exam period of this semester has just arrived, and all around EC people are studying for hours and hours straight in order to pass their exams. We all know these periods can be tough, and that you sometimes need a little pick-me-up in order to continue studying all night. The market for energy…

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The last exam period of this semester has just arrived, and all around EC people are studying for hours and hours straight in order to pass their exams. We all know these periods can be tough, and that you sometimes need a little pick-me-up in order to continue studying all night. The market for energy drinks is huge, and we in the Lundtan editorial team sometimes think it can be difficult to decide on which energy drink to choose when studying. Therefore, in order to help all of you through this period, we decided to test some of the most popular energy drinks as well as some more unknown brands.

Nocco Caribbean
Caffeine content: 55 mg per 100 ml

Simon: “It tastes like a laboratory, and it could be named as a chemical abbreviation. It simply just don’t taste nice”  Rating: 1/5
Sandra: “It is supposed to taste pineapple? Well, it’s not a nice taste of pineapple. It’s not too bad, but I would never buy two of it”  Rating: 2/5
Malkolm: “I can feel the taste of pineapple, but would so much rather eat a fresh pineapple somewhere on a tropical beach” Rating: 2/5
Vicki: “It smells really weird, does anyone actually like this?* Rating: 1/5
Theo: “It is very chemical. It becomes more disgusting the more you drink” Rating: 0/5
Emma: “This was just not good”  Rating: 1/5

Average rating: 1,16/5 Skånisar

Nocco Miami
Caffeine content: 55 mg per 100 ml

Simon: “It tastes really weird. I can imagine the strawberries in Chernobyl tastes like this, it feels really radioactive” Rating: 1/5
Sandra: “It smells like fun light, and feels very chemical. It is better than Nocco Caribbean, but I would not drink it voluntarily just because it tastes good” Rating: 2/5
Malkolm:”I can feel a more distinct taste compared to the last one, and it feels fresh. I’m happy with Nocco Miami, and I can feel a taste of summer. Would buy again” Rating: 4/5
Vicki: “It is better than the last one, but you don’t want more than just one sip. Coffee is always better” Rating: 1/5
Theo: “I could drink this, it gives me a feeling of dr. Pepper. Though, I think my rating is affected by how bad the last one was”  Rating: 3/5
Emma: “The colour of it gives me a summery vibe. It is sort of a bad version of raspberry soda. Rating: 2,5/5

Average rating: 2,25/5 Skånisar

Clean Drink Passion Fruit
Caffeine content: 55 mg per 100 ml

Simon: “It smells like acid. It is a catastrophe, and you should not be allowed to drink it without permission from a legal guardian. If you were to drink it, it would have to be 40 degrees, sunny and not have had anything else to drink all day” Rating: 0/5
Sandra: “This was just not good. I thought it would taste like passion fruit soda, but it was such a disappointment” Rating: 0/5
Malkolm: “It looks poisonous, you don’t have to drink it all! I’m sorry, but this was not nice” Rating: 1/5
Vicki: “It looks extremely chemical. I hope there is an age limit for drinking this, it was a real disappointment” Rating: 0/5
Theo: “I think it’s better than the first Nocco, it tastes like candy. Unfortunately, it does not taste like my favourite candy” Rating: 1/5
Emma: “ I also think it tastes like candy, but not good candy” Rating: 0/5

Average rating: 0,33/5 Skånisar

Red Bull
Caffeine content: 32 mg per 100 ml

Simon: “Can you feel the classic smell? It’s perfect for rinsing your mouth after you have brushed your teeth. It brings back great memories from late nights at Casanova” Rating: Sexa/5
Sandra: “It just taste sweet. Ugh.” Rating: 2/5
Malkolm: “Good and stable, you know what you are getting. Rating: 4/5
Vicki: “It tastes like a fun night at Casa. It makes me nostalgic and makes me want to finish my studies as soon as possible, in order to spend another night at Casa when I’m done!” Rating: 5/5
Theo: “It tastes like house music” Rating: 3/5
Emma: “This is a safe choice, Red Bull is a classic!” Rating: 4,5/5

Average rating: 4,1/5 Skånisar

Celsius Lemon/Lime
Caffeine content: 56 mg per 100 ml

Simon: “It smells like the ice cream Calippo, the one that looked like a trash can. It tastes like bad sodastream-juice, but it is sort of okay” Rating: 2/5
Sandra: “It smells like the stuff you wash your toilette with, but it tastes kind of nice anyhow” Rating: 3/5
Malkolm: “The aftertaste is a little chemical, but the taste itself is quite good” Rating: 3/5
Vicki: “It smells like candy and the stuff you wash your toilette with, which feels kind of nasty. Still, it’s better than the others” Rating: 2,5/5
Theo: “I don’t really know how to explain this experience, but it’s not too bad.” Rating: 2/5
Emma: “It tastes like the Calippo ice cream, this one was really good!” Rating: 5/5

Average rating: 2,9/5 Skånisar

Vitamin Well Awake Raspberry
Caffeine content: 15mg per 100 ml

Simon: “It gives me a strong feeling of raspberry resorb. If you just added some salt, you would really have resorb. However, it is sort of nice” Rating: 4/5
Sandra: “It does not really taste that much after having tasted all the others, but it is really good!” Rating: 5/5
Malkolm: “A large plus for the good taste, however I would have liked more of it. The caffeine content is also low compared to the others, which drags down the rating a bit” Rating: 3/5
Vicki: “I love this! It really smells like real raspberries, not synthetical at all. I like the taste of watery juice, and it is actually the first one I have finished” Rating: 5/5
Theo: “It tastes refreshing and fresh “ Rating: 5/5
Emma: “After all the others, it tastes a bit like too watery juice. Still, I think it’s really good!” Rating: 5/5

Average rating: 4,5/5 Skånisar

In general, the committee did actually agree on most of the energy drinks, even though some of us had slightly different preferences than others. However, it is clear that the winner of this test competition is the Vitamin Well Awake Raspberry. Good luck with the last days of studying before the final exams, the Lundtan committee is cheering for you all!

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