“Guide pour les pauvres” – A complete guide to Lund’s cuisine (on a slim budget)

Are you new to Lund? Great. This article is first and foremost meant for you. First of all, congrats on being accepted to, in my opinion, the best university in Sweden. Secondly, when coming to a new city, trying out the local cuisine is a great way to get to know it. And let me…

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Are you new to Lund? Great. This article is first and foremost meant for you. First of all, congrats on being accepted to, in my opinion, the best university in Sweden. Secondly, when coming to a new city, trying out the local cuisine is a great way to get to know it. And let me tell you, you are in luck. Lund has some real gems with great food for you to enjoy. Perhaps you have heard of restaurants such as Mat och Destillat, VED and La Cucina. Charming restaurants with lovely cuisine that is so far out of your budget that you will probably never set foot near them. So do yourself a favour and forget about them. But do not fear. I have been diligent and handcrafted a guide for us less monetarily fortunate. Think of it as a Guide Michelin, but instead of a lavish guide made by a tire manufacturer, it is more of a creative guide made for a tiresome economy. I have fittingly named it “Guide pour les pauvres”, French for “a guide for the poor”. Please take my guiding hand and let me wander you through some of the essentials:

Fengsson Dumpling House

First out is perhaps the most essential of them all: Fengssons Dumpling House located in the pounding heart of Lund, at Winstrupsgatan 1. At first glance, it might look like a passage to the catacombs, but do not let their dungeon aesthetic deter you. If you do manage to crawl into this slightly claustrophobic, mediaeval-looking cellar, you will find some stellar dumplings at A-okay prices. Their price range is between 95 and 115 SEK for a lunch that includes dumplings, rice/noodles and a dip sauce. Do not bother with which sauce to pick because they all taste the same, which is trivial since they are delicious. They also have great vegan and vegetarian options if that is your niche. Overall it is highly recommended in “Guide pour les pauvres”. On to the next one!

Swedish Express

Further into “Guide pour les pauvres” you can find this gem: Swedish Express located at Klostergatan 11. If you are the type of person that is reminiscent of a time before Sweden’s economic boom, when half the population starved and the other half fled to America in search of new ventures, look no further! Swedish Express offers all the traditional Swedish dishes that we have somewhat cherry picked from other cultures during our history. Here you can enjoy Swedish classics such as Meatballs accompanied by potatoes, Wallenbergare accompanied by potatoes and Austrian Schnitzel accompanied by, you guessed it, potatoes. They offer you some variation in the form that you can choose whether you want mashed or boiled potatoes, and of course their dishes are topped with Sweden’s most prime delicacy; Lingonberries. A meal here will set you back about 90 SEK and even though it is not very historically accurate, they do have some great vegetarian alternatives as well. Historical accuracy aside, the food is great and will most certainly leave you satisfied.

Kebab & Falafel Time

Lastly, we have to bring up this classic: Kebab & Falafel Time at Vårfrugatan 3. Now before you rant about all the other places that are far better, hear me out: Is this a pleasant restaurant to sit and eat at? Not really. Is this a culinary experience with exciting taste sensations that will linger on your taste buds for days to come and leave you craving for more? Probably not. Is this even among the top 5 kebab places in Lund? Perhaps, but probably not. But is it dirt cheap, efficient, open late and conveniently located at the notorious Botulfsplatsen? YES! And that is the beauty of it. For you out there looking for a midnight snack to fuel your commute home, this is it. Their price range sits comfortably between 25-100 SEK, depending on your level of starvation, and they have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a burger, hummus or even a tuna pizza they have got you covered. It might not always be a pleasant visit, but a necessary one.

I hope this will assist you in your pursuit of staying fed on a budget. It is not easy, but with some ingenuity it is manageable. Bon appetit!

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