Lundtan & Vinterbalen Part One: The Marshals

Winter is coming! And that means that Vinterbalen is approaching, and together with Vinterbalen comes the marshals. However, firstly it’s time to go back in time. So hold your horses!

In Lund it is not impossible that you have heard the word marshal before, and if you haven’t, there is a high likelihood that you will do it in the near future when it is time for LundaEkonomernas annual ball, Vinterbalen, to take place at AF-borgen. But even if you have heard the word before or if this is your first time the chances are high that you are confused about it’s meaning. Therefor, Nådiga Lundtan has found the answers for you.








Photo from last years Vinterbalen, by Izabella Råberg and Isabella Aflaki

What is a Marshal really? Marshal is a very old European term pointed at a person in charge of a group of horses. If we change horses in that previous sentence to a group of guests, we are very close to how the term is used today here in Lund. The marshals are responsible for ensuring that the guests at the ballroom feel awake and flowing. A marshal is, just like the other guests, dressed up with fancy ballroom clothes. What expands them from the crowd is that they are carrying their own student caps and have a marshal band over their shoulder and around the hip. A counterweight to their spectacular attire is their relatively low profile they often hold during the ceremonies. As a marshal you become very close as a group, helping out organizing the prom.

This year is the 17th edition of Vinterbalen. But proms have been along longer than that. Historically, the nobility arranged the proms. The ballroom dance floor was (and maybe still are) an important way to find potential marriage partners. This was the way they met. The forms have definitely changed under the years but waltz is still on the list of things to do during Vinterbalen. Hope to see you there!


Josefina Lundh


Reporter for Nådiga Lundtan, Autumn 2017 - Spring 2018

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