Lundtan’s ice cream test

There is nothing more important than ice cream during the summer. Therefore, we in the Lundtan Committee gathered to test some new (and some from last season) ice cream in GB’s collection for summer 2019! Read our opinions and find out what rating we gave them down below!

Magnum Mint

Simon: “Do you feel the crunch? Tastes a bit like Marianne” Rating: 4/5
Sandra: “It feels like I am eating a frozen After eight, and no one who is younger than 65 can like that…” Rating: 2/5
Dora: ‘’I would only eat this ice cream if my grandmother gave it to me, and I did not want to hurt her feelings. I do not want to have the taste of toothpaste when I eat ice cream.’’ Rating: 1/5
Theo: “Maybe, but no…” Rating: 2/5
Vicki: “This might be the most disgusting ice cream I have ever eaten, because I do not like mint’’. Rating: 0/5
Malkolm: “It is identical to Marianne, but that happens to not be my favourite candy. Unfortunately this was not my piece of cake” Rating: 2/5
Average rating: 2/5

Magnum white chocolate and cookie

Simon: “This is an “I am so tired of this”-ice cream”. Rating: 2/5
Sandra: “You only taste the white chocolate, so I got tired of it really quickly.’’ Rating: 2/5
Dora: “The reason why Sandra do not like it, is the reason I love it!” Rating: 4/5
Theo: “The white chocolate gave the impression of eating “gräddglass” The chocolate mix had an anonymous character and the ‘’gräddglass’’ dominated totally. Rating: 2/5
Vicki: “I totally agree with Dora! Rating: 4/5
Malkolm: “WOW WOW WOW, now we are talking! For a person who loves creamy ice cream, this is a match made in heaven!” Rating: 5/5
Average rating: 3,17/5

Marabou mjölkchoklad

Simon: “I do not know what to say… it is quite boring” Rating: 2/5  
Sandra: “It feels like a wednesday, you have come a long way from monday, but it is still not a friday feeling! In other words, it is good, but not amazing.” Rating: 3/5
Dora: “A nice ice cream, you could spend some hours on a train with it. COZY!” Rating: 3/5
Theo: “Simple, but delicious” Rating:  5/5
Vicki: “It does not taste anything, but it is really good anyway!” Rate: 4/5
Malkolm: “It is creamy, and very good! But some more chocolate would not have hurt.” Rating: 4/5
Average rating: 3,5/5

Ben & Jerrys chocolate fudge brownie vegan

Simon: “It tastes like a milkshake made on water…” Rating: 0/5
Sandra: “It is very savourless compared to the original brownie ice cream from Ben and Jerry that is not vegan. But if you want a vegan ice cream, it definitely works.” Rating: 2/5
Dora: “You ask yourself: Do the moral replace the physical?” Rating: 2/5
Theo “The vegan virtue tastes good!” Rating: 4/5
Vicki: “It tastes like a Nutrilett bar” Rating: 3/5
Malkolm: “It tastes okay considering that it is vegan, but it is not at the same level as the regular Ben and Jerry.” Rating: 2/5
Average rating: 2,17/5

Ben & Jerrys slices on the dough caramel ice cream bar

Simon: “It is the inside that counts, and it is really damn good!” Rating: 4/5
Sandra: “It is tasty, but not worth the price.” Rating: 3/5
Dora: “At first it tastes like a very ordinary and average looking person, but then you get a taste of the nut cream, and you see the fantastic personality of the person!” Rating:
Theo: “Fresh and nutty!” Rating:
Vicki: “I am already tired of it. I think it was really boring.” Rating: 2/5
Malkolm: “A very sharp aftertaste of peanut butter.” Rating: 4/5
Average rating: 3,33/5

It turned out that the committee members had a very different taste in ice cream, and it was a close race for first place. But the winner is: Marabou milk chocolate! We hope this test will help guide you to find your favourite ice cream for a sunny day on the beach!

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