Which Game of Thrones character are you?

This text is based on events from season 1-7, and the first episode of season 8 of Game of Thrones. In case you have not seen the previous seasons, we will give you a SPOILER ALERT right here. Spring might have come to Lund, but in the continent of Westeros, Winter has arrived just as…

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This text is based on events from season 1-7, and the first episode of season 8 of Game of Thrones. In case you have not seen the previous seasons, we will give you a SPOILER ALERT right here.

Spring might have come to Lund, but in the continent of Westeros, Winter has arrived just as the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones has begun. This is, according to many, said to be one of the largest events in television history. Many of the main characters in the show have gathered at Winterfell in order to prepare for the great battle against the White Walkers. This is where we can ask ourselves: Which character that are concerned (or not) about the threat from the Night King and his army would YOU be, based on the life you live here in Lund?

Six questions will follow below, and you select one alternative answer on each question. When you have selected an answer for all questions, count the letters and see which letter is the most frequent. Then you can see which character you would be!

  1. Why did you start to study at LUSEM?

A: Originally a Lund native, my ‘’mad’’ father made the decision to study in Uppsala, so we were all exiled. But I decided to come back to the city in which I have my roots, as I feel that Lund is my true home.

B: Many people have done harm to me and my family previously in life. I wanted to get my revenge by gaining knowledge and becoming rich and famous, as you usually become when you have studied at LUSEM.

C: My father made me. He did not want me at home. But as of now, I have found meaning with my studies.

D: My father is a successful businessman, and I cannot be a disgrace to my family. That is why I began to study at LUSEM. Unfortunately, he thinks that I have dishonored my family my entire life, for reasons I can not help.

E: I have had problems with my father’s love interest. Felt like I needed to get away from them by studying here in Lund for a couple of years.

F: I started to study at LUSEM in order to meet someone who will be successful in the future and marry that person. Then I will divorce and grab my part of my partner’s money, in order to gain more power.

2. How is school going in general?

A: Doing just good. However, I have a new partner and I am going to do a group project with him and his friends. Some of his friends do not seem to like me, however, so we will see how that goes.

B: Lots of practice usually does the job for me. I know many economic models which helps me to ace my exams.

C: I have been doing a large research project lately, and found out something very exciting…

D: I used to be a true mastermind earlier during my studies here in Lund. Lately, however, some of my ideas in group projects lately have received some criticism from supervisors.

E: There is no time to discuss how it has gone so far! I am only concerned about the final exam coming up soon.

F: I am not particularly liked by people and no one wants to be with me in group projects. But why let that stop me? Usually, I sort things out anyway.

3. What do you do besides your studies?

A: One of my dreams is to get a pilot license for large aircrafts. I have three Cessna airplanes, in which me and my friends go flying every weekend. However, one of them was involved in an accident some time ago, due to the chilly weather during winter.

B: I go to the gym every day and engage within a series of different training methods. Practice makes perfect.

C: Besides my studies? I do not do so much besides my studies, except for hanging out with my friends. I am a very caring person and I always want to make them happy.

D: I am part of a debate club, in which we usually engage in long discussions about all aspects of life.

E: I enjoy being on my own from time to time, at home, thinking about life in general. There are many questions in life which I want to find an answer to.

F: I hang out with my partner and drink wine.

4. Let’s take a break and have some lunch. What would you like to eat?

A: Only the best food suits me. A long business lunch at Grand Hotel or Klostergatan, perhaps? I am however very suspicious when it comes to drinking wine.

B: I do like pie. They have a couple of good ones at ICA Tuna. At Fridays, however, I might get myself some oysters, clams and cockles.

C: A hot soup and some bread is always nice. My father does not like bread, however, and do not want me to eat it either.

D: Anything covered in gold. The price could be high, of course, but I always pay my debts.

E: My demands are not way too high. Anything will suit me. My sister does like lemon cake for dessert, maybe I should try it?

F: Anything but Pigeon pie. Brings back terrible memories.

5. It’s Friday night! What are your plans for the evening?

A: T-bar of course! That is where all the cool people hang out. What else?

B: I sneak around on the dancefloor at either T-bar or Göteborgs Nation, in order to seek up people I do not like and find out about their mistakes, in order to use it against them.

C: Possibly studying, or maybe meet up with some good friends in order to grab a beer at a pub in town. Not sure at the moment.

D: Having an intellectual discussion with people over some glasses of red wine. At times, however, there might have been a glass or two more than necessary.

E: Some brown ales at Inferno sounds like a plan.

F: I usually enjoy hanging out at Grand Hotel. Not particularly common among students in Lund, I know. But that is what I prefer.

6. What do you hope to do when you have finished your studies?

A: I hope to be CEO of a multibillion dollar-company. Or Prime Minister. One thing is for sure; I want a position which will give me as much power as possible, in order to change the world.

B: I have a very clear goal: to get revenge on those who have had doubts in me and my family, by getting a good job.

C: I have really enjoyed studying and my highest ambition is to be a professor here at LUSEM.

D: Advise someone I find suitable to accomplish great change. Maybe holding seats in the executive board of several companies?

E: I do not have any good ideas on that matter. No ideas at all.

F: Anything which will protect my future family.

Most A: You are Daenerys Targaryen!

You are eager for power and to accomplish change in the world we live in today. Especially the business climate in the world of today have made you upset, with harsh conditions of work for employees in many companies. You want to get as much power as possible in order to make a change. But watch out, being too obsessed with power might not always make a good impression…

Most B: You are Arya Stark!

One word to describe you would be goal-oriented. You have a clear goal you want to accomplish after your studies here in Lund, to get revenge on people that have not believed in you earlier in life, and have caused you harm. To work hard in order to reach that goal is obvious for you. However, you might not have to be as drastic as Arya is in the series.

Most C: You are Samwell Tarly!

You did not feel quite at home during your childhood, so you left and went to Scania in order to study at Lund. It has turned out pretty good and you have met some amazing friends. You have found your true place here at LUSEM and found a meaning with studying – maybe you will be Dean sometime in the future?

Most D: You are Tyrion Lannister!

A clever mind, people say. Most importantly, however, as things have started to struggle for you lately; do not lose focus. Maybe, it is just bad luck.Taking part in intellectual conversations might help you to come up with the next idea which will result in a fantastic outcome.

Most E: You are Jon Snow!

Currently, you have your mind set on the last exam before the summer holidays, and you don’t believe that Winter is over until the exam is finished. Currently, you have no idea what you want to do when you graduate. But you might actually be destined to something great, and to be a person of large importance in the future. Wait and see…

Most F: You are Cersei Lannister!

You are a strong character who might not be particularly liked by everyone, but as long as you do your thing you can accomplish success.Your favourite songs in the LE songbook is of course the wine songs, although you are not much of a singer. School is not what matters the most to you, as nothing – NOTHING – is more important than your family.

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