EC4 will not be built – 2000 square meters of study places to open during the spring

For many, many years, one of largest student issues has been the lack of study places at LUSEM. Walking around at LUSEM in the middle of the day, trying to find a place to study, has at times been very hard. In late October, Nådiga Lundtan could report that 50 new study places would open…

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For many, many years, one of largest student issues has been the lack of study places at LUSEM. Walking around at LUSEM in the middle of the day, trying to find a place to study, has at times been very hard. In late October, Nådiga Lundtan could report that 50 new study places would open up at ALFA, to be used by LUSEM students. But what was knot known back then, was that this was only the beginning of the expansion of study places around LUSEM, creating an entirely new study environment.


A solution to the problem with lack of study places which has been discussed for many years, and also until recently has seemed very likely to happen, was to expand LUSEM with building the so called EC4, at the grounds of which Skånis is situated today. This would result in up to 600 new study places, of course a vast improvement when it comes to the amount of study places available at LUSEM today. But EC4 also came with a backside; building it on the grounds on which Skånis is situated today would mean that Skånis, which has been there ever since the 19th century, and with a long and rich history, would have to be demolished.


But that does not seem as likely to happen any longer. The entire EC4 project has now been called off. When building EC4, parts of LUSEM would have to be closed down during the process. Not only would it be a logistical mess to move students from LUSEM to other buildings all around Lund,  but the main reason to why the project has been called off was that no proper evacuation plan could be provided, in case of emergency.


However, the school will now open up more study places at Ideon, located just 150 meters from LUSEM walking across the big parking slot located just north of LUSEM. 800 square meters will open up already in february, followed by 1200 square meters later during the spring. This will result in roughly 450 new study places and by that, become one of the largest student environments in all of Lund, and not only that, but it is also going to be one of the most modern student environments with a high standard straight through.

The process has for sure gone very quickly. William Elmlund from Nådiga Lundtan interviewed former president Erik Månsson about the Skånis situation in late May, and as it looked back then, EC4 was as good as clear and the future of Skånis looked very dark. But things has changed and as of now, the future of Skånis looks much brighter, and EC4 will not be built.


Along with the expansion towards Ideon LundaEkonomerna will also get more space for the operations of the union in the new study environment. 6-8 meeting rooms will be available for the union, rooms large enough to host for example committee meetings, and there will also be 4 office places, which could possibly be used by members of the LundaEkonomerna board.


Adam Åberg, president of LundaEkonomerna Student Union, is very happy with this solution.


What does these study places mean for students at LUSEM?

By large, it means that we get study places that are at the absolute top here in Lund. It is not only more study places, but the study places will also fill or needs. There is everything from individual study places to rooms that will be suitable for union work. It is a multidimensional solution that really solves one of our key student problems, the lack of study places, in my opinion.


What other facilities will there be at Ideon?

As of right now, there is already a lunch place and a Barista café, but of course, something that could happen in the future, when students show up there are a larger basis, is that we might see something pop up when there are more people around.


What does this mean for LundaEkonomerna in particular?

What I think it shows is that here in Lund and LUSEM in particular, is that student influence really matters, as we can see in this case with the study places. We can really make a difference, and as an organization work to fulfill the needs and demands for all 4000 students here at LUSEM.


And now we have come to the point where you ask yourselves; what will happen to our beloved Skånis? No formal decision has yet been made, but Adam tells me the board will now look into what will happen next and by that, hopefully secure it’s operations not only at Ideon, but also close to EC, which Adam thinks is an important issue. According to him, he sees it as vital for LundaEkonomerna to operate where students are; at the new study environment at Ideon, but also at LUSEM.


This is of course a major improvement of the study situation for students at LUSEM, and a fantastic christmas gift to all of us from the faculty. Now, we can look forward to the inauguration which will be held in the beginning of the spring term. Then, students will hopefully no longer need to run all around LUSEM in search of study places.

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