A review of CRC:s lunch lectures

I have been in Lund for two years now. The hardest part of moving far away from home and living by myself must be meal prepping, food budget and future plans. If I’m being honest, I don’t know what I want to work with after I graduate, and I don’t even know what to have…

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I have been in Lund for two years now. The hardest part of moving far away from home and living by myself must be meal prepping, food budget and future plans. If I’m being honest, I don’t know what I want to work with after I graduate, and I don’t even know what to have for lunch. Luckily, the Corporate Relation Committee (CRC) has their lunch lectures where you get free lunch and the opportunity to network with future employers. Last week I had the privilege of attending the Grant Thornton lunch lecture about AI and digitalization and how it will af ect the future of auditing. Of course, I have done a review of the event. You can find it down below!

What is CRC?
CRC is one of the largest committees in the union. They organize events where students and company representatives can network, and thereby make useful contacts for the future. According to Peter Hall, the Project Leader Head of Key Account, this is the best committee in the union! He has the main responsibility for CRC and is responsible for the contact with LundaEkonomerna partners, such as Grant Thornton. I asked him why CRC is the best committee and he said, “If you want to meet a lot of people that have the same ambitious mindset when it comes to the corporate world and the opportunity to meet new best friends, this is the committee for you! The application for several positions open on the 8th of May and we would love you to join the CRC family.”

So how does it work when they’re planning an event?
There aren’t just LE partners that have events, companies such as Hemfrid, Centigo and Loréal are just a few that have been here as well. Wilhelm Carlsson is the Vice Project Leader Head of Sales. He and his sales team make sure that LE works with the best and most valuable companies for the members of the union. When we have the best companies, Adam Ekwall the Vice Project Leader Head of Key Account and his event and marketing team steps in. They oversee the needs from both LE and the company, and after that they decide what kind of event they will have.

CRC does so much more than just lunch lectures. They have their breakfast club where you get breakfast and an inspiring lecture, different activities such as bowling and dinner with a company, and their case events where you solve different problems regarding business with company representatives. Sounds interesting right? You can find more information on their Instagram @crc.le.

Time: The event started at 12:00 and went on until 13:00. Most of us end our ordinary lectures then, and talking for myself, I’m always super hungry at that time and what is better than a free lunch then? Therefore I would say that the time of the lecture was perfect! You could eat your lunch, without stress, and relax at the same time as you listened to the company representative.

Topic: AI and digitalization is a “hot topic” right now, since the technology has seen an extremely rapid development in recent years. Regardless of whether you want to work within business, finance, informatics, or law, I’m sure that all of us will be affected by AI – maybe even today as students. To find out to what extent AI and digitalization are present already, the event was a very useful, eye opening, and definitely interesting experience.

When it comes to CRCs events, I think that most of the departments of study are represented. Of course the events are mostly for business economics students since that is the largest department on LUSEM, but after talking with all the Project Leaders they have future plans of expanding the amount of events regarding informatics.

Information about the event: You can find information everywhere! Most of us have Facebook, where lots of information about each event can be found. You can also stay updated on upcoming events on CRCs and LundaEkonomerna’s Instagram, and of course on the many monitors around EC and on Orbi. They have truly succeeded when it comes to marketing!

Lecturer: Tobias Uhrberg was the lecturer during the event. He has a great experience with auditing and is now working with Data Analytics at Grant Thornton. Something I found inspiring is that Tobias is a LUSEM alumni so he knew how to reach out to the audience.

He went through in detail the huge development of auditing during the past years, which he has experienced first hand. Therefore, I got the understanding of the importance of collaboration between the different departments of a company. Something that came to mind throughout the whole lecture was the ability to apply what I have learnt during my two years in Lund. I’m sure we’ve all felt that our lectures or classes can be a bit irrelevant to what we want to work with in the future, so it was refreshing (and maybe even inspirational!) to feel that what I’m studying on a day-to-day basis is actually something that’s highly relevant in the professional world. Also to get more knowledge in auditing was interesting since that is something every company needs to work with. Yet another plus of going to a lunch lecture!

Food: The food was delicious! Today, a tasty poké bowl from Bite was served. When you sign up for the event you can choose which protein you want, either chicken, salmon or tofu. I support the idea of choosing protein, because then there’s something that fits all. I chose the vegan tofu bowl and I really recommend trying it!

Overall experience:
I will definitely participate in more CRC events! I was very inspired and excited for my future career after the lecture. At the event, the opportunity to network and ask questions to the company representative was presented. I asked him regarding internships and he gave me valuable information. Grant Thornton saw me as a future employee, which makes me wonder if Peter Hall was right? Maybe CRC is the best committee that gives the best future opportunities.

And we should not forget the amazing lunch!

Through CRC you can learn more about a lot of companies regarding different industries. They open up many doors so you get a taste of the corporate world. Therefore, you can see what you want to work with and be prepared for your future career. Another great lunch lecture hosted by CRC, and another great connection on LinkedIn for me.

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