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As LundaEkonomer, we naturally have opinions on the way our university is run. Often those opinions are positive, but inevitably, there are bound to be many frustrations as well. After all, being a student at LUSEM can be challenging for many reasons; the workload might be too great, the structure of a course confusing, the teachers may not always provide the students with the assistance they’re expected to provide, and the occasional technical issues encountered with Canvas, Ladok, and Live@lund make the situation even worse. Needless to say, not all courses have issues, but if there are any problems that seem out of reach, or if you as a student feel like there’s a disconnection between the faculty and yourself, the Education Committee is there to help. 

The Education Committee is one of the most important student committees in all of LundaEkonomerna. They work mainly as the intermediaries between the students, and the union. They’re a crucial part of the shaping of the education itself, through monthly meetings with the board, all of LUSEM’s faculties & many other school representatives – they make sure your voice is heard and given attention.

The Influence of the Education Committee within LUSEM is a continuous process that happens throughout the year. Through communication with the faculty, conversing with students and developing different proposals for improving the University, they’re well versed in their mission for improvement. They have one tool at their disposal, however, that may be the most important of all, an ace up their sleeve for guaranteeing impact from the students themselves – The Speak Up Days.  

The Speak Up Days is a great opportunity for us LundaEkonomer to mediate our opinions about our education. In a nutshell, it is an event that enables the students direct influence. This is done through an answer form with varying questions ranging from general subject matters to more specific areas such as the digitalization of lectures, or the opportunity for applied courses. The answer form is aimed to capture all parts of your education and as a LundaEkonom you are given free leeway to evaluate your education (and suggest improvements). Your answers and opinions are then forwarded to the different faculties within LUSEM where the representatives of the Education Committee will be able to directly make an impact on your behalf – heroic work indeed. As always with these kinds of answer forms, strength is in numbers. The larger the number of students who seize this opportunity for impact, the greater our influence will be ( who doesn’t want to have a say in how their education is structured?). Taking the time to answer this form is, therefore, absolutely crucial

The larger the number of students who seize this opportunity for impact, the greater our influence will be

For LundaEkonomer who partake in the survey, there are prizes to be expected. There will be a chance for a prize to anyone who completes the survey, and an additional reward for those who really put some thought into their answers. The 9-11 of December is when the magic happens in Ljusgården. In the absolute worst-case scenario, LundaEkonomer can expect free cups of java, fika, pleasant conversations, and the opportunity to influence one of the top universities in the world, directly. The survey is digital, and links will be provided both on-site and on LundaEkonomernas and the Education Committee’s own social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Check out educationcommittee.le on instagram and LundaEkonomerna – Education on Facebook.

So, between the 9-11th of December you should state your case, and bring your answers, there is no time for second chances, with your help LUSEM will be brought to the top – dearest LundaEkonomer, the Speak Up Days are coming up.


Rasmus Engström


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