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Why did you choose to study in Lund?   Well, for several years in a row, Lund University has been ranked as one of the 100 best Universities in the world. This was of course something I took into consideration when I made my choice one and a half year ago to begin my studies…

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Why did you choose to study in Lund?


Well, for several years in a row, Lund University has been ranked as one of the 100 best Universities in the world. This was of course something I took into consideration when I made my choice one and a half year ago to begin my studies here in Lund. But at least as important was to take part of the vibrant student life the city has to offer. There are countless opportunities, as most of you already know. What should you do? I personally joined the editorial team of Nådiga Lundtan as a reporter last spring and took the step to become Editor this fall.


Holding a collegial position within LundaEkonomerna means you will get the opportunity to devote a year to something which you burn for, take part in Collegial meetings to exchange experiences and discuss important union matters. Meeting all the other project leaders and taking part in discussions with them is something I have found extremely valuable, as I have met so many inspiring people and gained important insight in different matters. There are also a large number of perks with holding a collegial position, such as the collegial discount and lots of social events, Gräddgasquen and collegial kick-offs every year just to mention a few.


This is not something I am writing because I have been told by someone to do so. This is, on the other hand, something I am writing because applying for a collegial position and joining the collegium is honestly the best decision I have done during my time here in Lund. I have met so many new people, gained lots of new insights when it comes to being a leader, been doing something I love and most importantly: I have had SO much fun! Now YOU have the chance to apply for a position in the collegium; a golden opportunity. Not less than 7 committees (Corporate Relations Committee, Social Committee, Sexmästeriet, Education Committee, Öresund: Linking Minds, Lund Economics Stockholm Tour and last but not least Nådiga Lundtan) are currently looking for new project leaders. Do you know someone who would be a fantastic fit as project leader of one of these committees? Recommend them! Or would you like to take this amazing opportunity? Apply yourself!


My tip for you would be to apply to something which you are really passionate about. Are you passionate about case-solving; apply to Project Leader of Öresund Linking Minds! Are you passionate about organizing events; apply to hold a collegial position within the Social Committee or Sexmästeriet! And if you, just like me, are passionate about writing, there is no doubt that Nådiga Lundtan is the committee for you.


Special shoutout to apply for the position as editor to be editor-in-chief of Nådiga Lundtan. The absolutely best aspect; you will be working next to me during the spring, who wouldn’t want to do that? You will get to meet so many amazing people when being part of Nådiga Lundtan, both within the committee and people you meet when for example doing interviews. Not to mention all the fun things that we do together!


The application for project leader of LEST closes on the 9th of november and for Öresund: Linking Minds, the application closes on the 14 of november, but the rest of the positions closes on the 11th of november. To quote a famous slogan; Just do it!


Want to know even more? Check out the collegium section at LundaEkonomerna’s website:


If you have any questions about being a project leader or about the process, do not hesitate to contact Filip Wallersköld, Project Leader of the Nominations Committee at

If you have any questions about Nådiga Lundtan in particular, hook me up at I’ll be happy to help you!

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Founded in 1948 and has since been an important part of student life in the economics program at Lund University. Nådiga Lundtan covers a wide range of topics related to economics, society, and politics, as well as careers, entrepreneurship, and innovation. It is a platform for students to share their ideas and opinions on economics and related fields.

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