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Are you having doubts about the direction of your career? Perhaps you just need a reliable and experienced hand to guide you? The blue leg committees in Lundaekonomerna all work hard in helping students learn about different career choices as well as opportunities to connect with professionals. Among these committees, there is an exceptional opportunity…

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Are you having doubts about the direction of your career? Perhaps you just need a reliable and experienced hand to guide you? The blue leg committees in Lundaekonomerna all work hard in helping students learn about different career choices as well as opportunities to connect with professionals. Among these committees, there is an exceptional opportunity that awaits you – WILMA committee’s Mentorship programme. 

The WILMA committee is dedicated to highlighting women in business. Their mentorship program is a unique chance for any student at LUSEM, regardless of gender, to apply and be paired with an experienced female professional as their mentor. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s the perfect opportunity to get in touch with a professional and ask questions that may linger on your mind. The female mentors work across a diverse array of different industries including: IT, project management, marketing, business consulting, entrepreneurship, communication, management, leadership, auditing and recruitment. Hence when you see WILMA’s applications for the mentorship program opening the 29th of January, don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance! 

Now to give you some context of how this program works and what you may anticipate, allow me to share a brief overview of my personal experience so far. As well as a guide to help you get most out of your mentorship experience. 

When you apply for WILMA’s program you choose to be an adept for either one or two semesters. You, along with another individual, will be assigned a mentor, and both of you share the responsibility communicating with her. Depending on your mentor’s availability, you may have the opportunity to meet with her individually, as was the case for me. However, it is essential to inquire with your mentor to ensure that it aligns with her schedule. I am currently in my second semester of the mentorship program with the same mentor. My mentor is a manager and authorized auditor at Deloitte and we usually meet 2-3 times each semester (depending on her schedule), typically for lunch. Although my career aspirations don’t align directly with auditing, I’ve gained valuable insights through my mentor. My mentor shared her journey, how she didn’t have any prior professional experience in the field. Instead, she emphasized the engagement in various networking events and evenings organized by companies, establishing connections with professionals, and taking part in activities like case evenings. For example, as a student, the challenge of navigating applications and deciphering employer requirements can be overwhelming, but after speaking to my mentor it is now less terrifying. Generally, this mentorship has not only broadened my understanding but has also provided practical insights for navigating the complexities of the professional landscape

Engaging with professionals can be slightly intimidating at times. To assist you, I’ve compiled a few key points that are worth considering when engaging with your future mentor.    

Initiate contact: Show your mentor that you are invested and interested in her. Let your mentor know who you are and where you may need guidance and support. As the adept you are responsible for initiating meetings and checking in to see your mentor’s availability and preferences.  

Show respect to the mentor: Your mentor most likely has a demanding job and has volunteered to take on an additional responsibility. Be appreciative of your mentor’s time and respond in a timely manner. Maintain clear communication and respect your mentor’s boundaries. The mentor’s role is to support your development through regular conversation. Remember that outside of the session, most mentors have very limited time to engage with their adepts. If your mentor has offered to make themselves available by phone or email, avoid excessive communication. Don’t overdo it and contact them too often. And lastly, respect the time boundaries of the scheduled session, by showing up to meetings prepared and on time, as well as being understanding when unforeseen circumstances arise. 

Help your mentor to help you: While the mentor doesn’t need to know every single thing about you, it’s helpful to both of you if you use the first session to get to know each other. For example, consider a specific goal in mind that you mentor perhaps could guide you through. As the adept, you play a crucial role in shaping the conversation, allowing you to set up the conversation in a way that provides the most relevance and value for you. Let your mentor know what’s on your mind and highlight topics that would be most beneficial for you to explore. Provide context and brief updates during your meetings to help your mentor, to understand how to help you. 

Ask curious questions: Don’t be shy asking curious questions, such as what your mentor’s experiences were when she was your age. Try understanding her career paths and the lessons she learned along the way. You might discover unexpected connections and shared experiences as you get to know your mentor better. A good advice is to prepare some questions in advance, to ensure that your conversation moves swiftly in a direction that benefits your growth.

Listen with an open heart: Focus on building a relationship, rather than fixating solely on specific outcomes. Perhaps your career plan is different from your mentor’s, but there’s still so much you can learn from her! Although, remember, your mentor has volunteered to offer support and guidance, hence don’t expect miracles. Understanding your mentor’s role as a source of support will contribute to a more fulfilling and realistic mentorship experience. 

To conclude, I strongly encourage you to apply for this mentorship programme. Every interaction with a professional can bring you closer to understanding or even realizing your desired career path. Therefore, when the application for WILMA’s mentorship program opens the 29th of January, seize the opportunity without hesitation! Don’t miss out on this exciting journey that could significantly impact your personal and professional growth. 

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