It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We have felt November on our skin for some time now, which means that December is right around the corner. Once we’ve had our fill of pumpkin spice, apple pie, spooky halloween times, and the leaves begin to fall, we’re constantly encouraged to get into the Spirit of the Season; Christmas. Can you really believe…

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We have felt November on our skin for some time now, which means that December is right around the corner. Once we’ve had our fill of pumpkin spice, apple pie, spooky halloween times, and the leaves begin to fall, we’re constantly encouraged to get into the Spirit of the Season; Christmas. Can you really believe it? The best time of the year is only an instant moment away, more specific 29 days. I can already smell Christmas in the air… A combination of cold, fresh air, with a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and anis flavours. Not to forget the delightful smell of a hot, warming cup of mulled wine, or freshly baked gingerbread. What is there not to love? Christmas is undoubtedly my favorite season for so many reasons, but the truly unique essence of the holiday I would say is the gathering of the whole family, family time and traditions. The aspect of giving and sharing. And of course all the Christmas activities and preparations, which I will return to very soon. 

Do you remember the warm, surrounding, inherently good Christmas-feeling you had when you were a child, combined with a touch of excitement and tingling? Being so eager to wake up on Christmas eve, that you could barely sleep? Eager to see if it was snowing outside, if Santa had eaten the cookies and milk you arranged for him, or to see what he had left in your Christmas sock? That’s sort of how I feel every Christmas. Some might argue that it’s more of a nostalgic feeling, but I like to believe it’s the same childhood feeling – nevertheless, the thrills and excitement for Christmas is indeed present every year.

Unfortunately, it seems that people tend to forget or undermine the value and excitement for Christmas as they become older. Little do I know why, maybe it is because people often associate Christmas with being little, and thus disclaims the “Christmas thrill” when turning older. However, there is no shame in being excited for Christmas (if it was I would be drowning in discomfit). So, if you haven’t felt the warm, surrounding Christmas feeling in a while or eager for the holiday season, it is certainly time to take some action in hand. I have provided a list for you to proceed in order to pursue the truly unique Christmas feeling, holiday spirit way of course. If you succeed in implementing all of these 22 activities, I can assure that you will enjoy a nostalgic trip back to the tingeling, warm, childhood Christmas feeling…

1. Decorate your home or apartment with some Christmas decorations. Being surrounded by Christmas ornaments may trigger some Christmas feelings without you actually being aware of it. Also it is super cosy! 

2. Watch Christmas movies. My top favorites are The Holiday, Home Alone, Love Actually, Harry Potter and The Polar Express. 

3. Listen to Christmas music (I will provide you with a playlist when December comes knocking) 

4. Go to a Christmas concert (for example in the Church here in Lund)

5. Go to a Christmas market (Tivoli in Copenhagen is only an hour train trip away)

6. Bake gingerbread

7. Enjoy some homemade rice porridge, and top with nothing other than cinnamon, sugar and butter. And don’t forget to put an almond in the casserole before serving! As I have emphasized above, it is crucial to preserve traditions…

8.     Arrange an ugly-Christmas-sweater party (or a similar Christmas-related party)

9.     Invite some friends over for a cup of mulled wine and some snack 

10.  Bake Christmas cookies 

11.  Make a Christmas meal for yourself or to your friends 

12.  Eat “Lussekatt” (saffron bun) and celebrate Santa Lucia 

13.  Go for Christmas gift shopping

14.  Make yourself a cup of hot, warm chocolate with lots of cream on top. Maybe even also some marshmallows, if you feel like being a bit crazy and going ‘all inn’

15.  Have a gift wrapping session. Turn on some Christmas music, make yourself a cup of cocoa, and enjoy

16. Build a snowman and spend some time out in the snowy weather 

17.  Go ice skating 

18.  Make a fire and snuggle up in front of the fireplace with a blanket and some mulled wine

19. Make a homemade Christmas card to someone you love 

20. Decorate the Christmas tree 

21. Arrange a Christmas workshop with some friends. Decide beforehand what to make, maybe roasted almonds, marzipan treats, christmas ornaments, chocolate truffles, cards – homemade gifts are much appreciated, its cosy and amusing to make and furthermore, often more economic (plus point for us students). 

22. Buy a Christmas Calendar or make a homemade one for someone you care about (or for yourself)

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