• The Godmothers: Episode 1

    Should one be optimistic or pessimistic about the future? Would you rather kill your best friend or 1000 people you do not know? What should you say if you want to be edgy at parties? And is it possible to love Avocado, even if it’s brown? We are happy to release the very first episode…

  • Lundtan <3 ÖLM - Episode 3

    The last episode of the Lundtan <3 ÖLM podcast is finally here! Today, we are accompanied with in other than Carl-Oscar Westerlund, event coordinator in the committee! In this episode, the competition in general is discussed, and we also find out a bit more about our dear friends across the bridge. If you want to…

  • Lundtan <3 ÖLM - Episode 2

    We give you the second episode of the Lundtan <3 ÖLM podcast! This week we are visited by Mats Urde; professor in Brand Management and passionate about case solving, with whom we discuss everything about case solving! Maybe you’ll get some tips when it comes to the upcoming competition?

  • Lundtan <3 ÖLM - Episode 1

    Nådiga Lundtan is back with a brand new podcast! This time in collaboration with Öresund; Linking minds, who will tell you everything about the upcoming case competition in may! In this episode, Malkolm meets Amanda Heintze (or Heintzeketen); the project leader of this year’s edition, who will introduce you to the entire ÖLM concept. You…

  • Lundtan <3 eee 2018- Episode 4

    We give you the very last episode of the Lundtan <3 eee podcast for this semester! Today’s guests are Jessica Lehmussaari, one of the company relations coordinators, and Alexander Winkle, Sponsoring coordinator of eee2019, teaching you everything you did NOT know about eee. If you already know everything about eee, you should listen anyway –…

  • Lundtan <3 eee 2018- Episode 3

    We can proudly give you the third episode of the podcast for this semester! This time featuring one of the two event coordinators of eee, Annie Muggoch, and the informations coordinator, Jack McMenzie, who will discuss eee from an international perspective. Additionally, this is your chance to win a ticket to the one and only…

  • Lundtan <3 eee 2018- Episode 2

    Nådiga Lundtan and eee gives you the second episode of this year’s advent podcast! Today’s guests are the speakers coordinator of eee2019, Cecilia, and the marketing coordinator, Johannes. Make sure to listen in order to compete for a fantastic price!  

  • Lundtan <3 eee - The last episode

    The LAST episode of LundaEkonomernas FIRST podcast ever. Featuring eee’s very own project leaders, Daniel & Samuel, giving YOU the chance of winning a BREAKFAST(!) with one of the speakers at the eee fair.

  • Lundtan <3 eee - The third episode

    The anticipated third episode of LundaEkonomernas FIRST podcast ever. Featuring Sofia and Ludvig, eee’s very own sponsoring coordinator and company relations coordinator – giving YOU the chance of winning a SPA WEEKEND at Falkenberg Strandbad(!)

  • Lundtan <3 eee - The second episode

    The anticipated second episode of LundaEkonomernas FIRST podcast ever. Featuring Emil, eee’s very own fair coordinator – giving YOU the chance of winning a kit from Happy Plugs!