An eee Success Story

The eeeDays offers the ultimate platform for your journey towards employment. Read more about the career fair, how the fair will take place despite the ongoing pandemic, and how four previous students at Lund University School of Economics and Management got employed after attending the career-fair. Nådiga Lundtan presents: An eeeSuccess story. How It All…

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The eeeDays offers the ultimate platform for your journey towards employment. Read more about the career fair, how the fair will take place despite the ongoing pandemic, and how four previous students at Lund University School of Economics and Management got employed after attending the career-fair. Nådiga Lundtan presents: An eeeSuccess story.

How It All Begun

In 1984, EfsilEkononomerna, the predecessor of today’s LundaEkonomerna, saw a need for a new forum where companies could get the chance to meet students. As a result, the EfsilEkonomernas Ekonomdagar, today known as the eeeDays, was created. From that year on, the career fair has been one of the most important events at Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM), valuable for both attending companies’ development and students’ future career. Not only is the eeeDays the largest career fair for Business, Economics and IT-students in the Nordic region, but the fair also offers students a golden opportunity to connect with a variety of companies and maybe even meet your future employer.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the fair will take a somewhat different shape this year. The eeeCommittee have been working harder than ever to create an innovative event, and it is truly admirable that they have been able to arrange and modify the biggest career fair in the Nordic countries to take place entirely digitally. By thinking outside the box, the outcome has been an expansion from a two-days career fair, to an entire eeeWeek, taking place the 18-25th of February. With surrounding concepts and events aiming for interaction, eee offers the ultimate platform for your journey towards your future career.

The 37th edition of the career fair will meet you where you are, and the theme of this year’s fair is Growing by Adapting.

What Will Happen During the eeeWeek?

Considering the fact that this year’s career fair will last for one week instead of two days, you get the opportunity to attend a broader range of events and have inspiring conversations with companies and other driven students at LUSEM.

The eeeCommittee will host morning shows every morning of the fair where they will give you tips and tricks to get as much out of the week as possible. Moreover, the eeeDays2021 will offer lots of other opportunities and events. Starting with eeeBoosted where startups and students meet in a learning environment to solve and present cases to a jury. For students interested in meeting company representatives in a more relaxed environment  – eee presents to you: eeeConnect. During the week multiple lectures will take place for example Anders Hansen, the author of Hjärnstark. Career interviews will be conducted throughout the week, as well as, workshops with PwC, Grant Thornton and Deloitte. If you want to know more about PwC as a company – do not miss PwC-day on the 22nd of February.

On the last day of the fair, eeeWired will take place. This is the virtual career fair hosted on the platform Graduateland. You can already sign up and create your profile at eee’s website, under the page eeeWired. Make sure to put time and effort into creating your profile so you have the best chance to connect with companies and meet your future employer. Furthermore, signing up for eeeWired will allow you to receive a goodie bag filled with “spons” from over 20 companies. 


“The eeeDays gave me a chance to get my dream job, take the opportunity to get yours”

Cindy Grahn, Uniqlo Europe

As mentioned in the introduction, the eeeWeek is an unique opportunity to meet and connect with a variety of companies and to meet your future employer. Sounds like a long shot? Read the story of four previous LUSEM students who got employed after attending the eeeDays.

Cindy Grahn (Store Manager at Uniqlo Europe LTD) 

Cindy used to be a student at Lund University School of Economics and Management. Today, Cindy is working as a store manager at Uniqlo and is opening up her own store in Gothenburg later this spring.  During the eeeDays 2018, Cindy had a career interview with Uniqlo, a company she had minor knowledge of, besides having visited a few of their stores in Europe. Having a background in statistics, she wanted to work with something business-related that excluded being in an office all day. She describes the interview with Uniqlo as very interesting, moreover how their current CEO made her excited about being a part of the company. Later the same year, Cindy got the position as an international management trainee for the company. 

One of her biggest tips for students attending the eee fair is to mingle around and to be open-minded. If you find someone that interests you or inspires you, she advises students to follow up, use Linkedin and send a message, as this will be appreciated by companies, not least portraits you in a good way. She further recommends looking up companies before the fair and tells how the career interviews have a good search function that students can take advantage of. Cindy herself was searching for international and diversified companies that wanted international students, companies that had trainees programs, and also companies that give back to society and work on sustainability. Utilizing the search function she found out which companies were going to be there on which days, and made a list of the companies that she saw interesting.

Siqi Zhao: Senior Consultant at Deloitte Sweden 

Siqi Zhao comes from Beijing in China and studied her Master’s in Economics and Management at Lund University. She is currently working in Stockholm as a management consultant for Deloitte. Siqi tells about her attendance at the eee fair in 2018, where she met representatives from Deloitte and got familiar with the company and what they worked for. 

During her Master of Science in Managing People, Knowledge and Change, alongside multiple interactions with various companies through LundaEkonomerna, she got interested in a job as a management consultant and thereafter knew what she wanted to work with in the future. Siqi was in the interview process with Deloitte at the time the eeeDays were held and took the opportunity to attend the fair and speak with Deloitte, to learn more about the company and their various projects. She describes the fair as a very interesting experience and advises all current students to have an open mind when they attend the fair. She also mentions the value of procuring, meaning to make up some thoughts on what you want to work with in order to have some target companies to talk to. Finally, she encourages everyone to “go out there” and ask questions that interest you the most, as this would benefit you to acquire a better understanding of what and who you want to work with in the future.

Arvid Andersson: Associate Client Executive – Marsh JLT Credit Specialties på Marsh

Arvid used to be a student at LUSEM as well, and today he is a credit insurance broker at Marsh JLT Specialities. At the point of time of his studies, Arvid didn’t know what industry he wanted to start his career in. Therefore he highly encourages anyone attending the fair to be open-minded and to speak to many different companies. “Preparations before the career should not be underestimated,” he says. However, you are not expected to know everything about the companies, he adds, as they are there to tell you what they do. Arvid advises students to be curious and ask the questions you want answers to. His final and number one recommendation is to spend some time on your career interview applications, as this is the best way to get to know and establish contact with your future employees, in Arvid’s experience.

 William Weidow: Accounts Payable Clerk

William is studying his BSc in Business Administration and Economics and is currently taking a gap year, working as the Vice President for LundaEkonomerna. During the eeeDays of 2019, William attended both days of the fair, including a career interview with a company called Air Liquide GAS AB. After going to the interview, he got knowledge of an open position as a student account receivable clerk, and managed to get the position, and later on as an accounts payable clerk.

Prior to the career fair William was (presumably like many other students) unsure about what he wanted to work with, but he believes that attending the fair and talking to as many people and companies as possible is a good way to start. The eeeDays helped him figure out what he wanted to take his major in, more importantly, what he wanted to work with in the future. As preparation for the fair, his advice is to obtain an overview of which companies are attending, do some research on them, and make up some thought on what you are interested in. He emphasizes the importance of not being narrow-minded and not only focus on a few companies but rather talking to as many as possible. His final tips: apply for the career interview!

So… Are you the next success story?

Attend the eeeWeek and find out!

See you there!

For questions or inquiries regarding the eeeWeek, contact Louise Nygren & Isak Bark, the Project Leaders of eee 2021: &

And don’t forget to follow them on instagram, @eeedays.le

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