Which flower to give on Valentine’s Day

Tulips are probably the most popular flower in Sweden and Swedes are known for their consumption of tulips during the tulip season. An estimated 130 to 140 million tulips are sold during that season, which runs from 15th of January to Easter. Perhaps the popularity of the tulip is related to the many different types of the flower. With 7,000 different varieties, and a great diversity of shapes as well as colors to choose from, there is no question that there is at least one tulip for every taste.

Spending time improving your home may not be a priority for average students. But it is easier than you think to transform your student apartment or corridor room to a colorful and pleasant place. Valentine’s Day is a nice occasion to do so – even if it’s just for yourself. By adding some colorful flowers to your everyday life, you will reinforce positive emotions and give yourself that extra energy boost you might need.

Giving a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day will bring joy to both the giver and the receiver. If you feel like doing something special and not limiting yourself to what is normally done, you could try a bouquet of pink Angelique tulips, a pair of Blue Diamond tulips (they are actually more lilac than blue) or the lovely red Lalibela tulips. You can of course give a bouquet to a close friend or someone you appreciate, it does not need to be your significant other!

A bouquet of roses on the other hand will of course always be a safe choice for you. The classic red rose is clearly perfect for Valentine’s day. Purely psychologically, most people associate red with love, passion and warmth and can have an invigorating and activating effect, even though this happens in an unconscious state of mind. Different colors can affect our mood and our behavior. Therefore, it is not only a question of which type of flower you should choose, but also a question of which color the flower should have depending on which emotion you want to share. After all, we should not forget that the main reason and meaning of celebrating Valentine’s day is to show gratitude to someone you care about, and therefore the choice of flower and color is maybe not the most important thing after all. 

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