What type of LundaEkonom are you?

You should never pigeonhole someone. But with a twinkle in one’s eye, we have pointed out 4 characteristic types of people in our beloved union. Look around you, how many of your friends fit in one of the descriptions? Or maybe, you might even recognize yourself in one of them!


The queen/king of partying

Casanova, Kajplats or Schlagernight – it doesn’t matter as long as there is music, dance and a bar. You could easily sacrifice an exam to not miss a night out at the nations. Your only goal is to make sure that you’ve passed enough exams to get your CSN next month. You would never leave a nation before “Stad i ljus”, and of course you closed Skånis every night during your novice week. There is nothing that can stop you from a night out (except from the doorkeeper at the entrance). Sleeping? Pffft, that’s something you can do when you’re old! See you at the re-sit exams in August!

The motivated

You would never miss a lecture, you set the alarm at 7 AM to start your studies and you are always performing with the highest grades on the exams. And as if this was not good enough, you have a great job beside your studies, probably at a bank or audit office. With your determination, there is no doubt that we will see you at the greatest and most prestigious jobs in the future. We’re all amazed by you, and would be happy if we could get just half of your sharpness. Please don’t forget us when you’ve reached success and richness!

The (hyper)active

LundaEkonomerna is more than just a union to you, it’s a lifestyle! Never have we seen anyone being able to get involved in LundaEkonomerna as much as you. Staffing, being a part of a committee (or two), being a fadder, attending all events, it’s a never-ending story. And you do it all with a spirit that to some people might be too much, but we love it! It’s people like you who make our union the best! You might as well terminate your rental contract, since you’re more or less living at Skånis. And last but not least, no one sings as loud as you during “Genom eld och vatten” – för du är LundaEkonom, right?

The “Still going strong”

It seems like you’ve been here forever. We’ve begun to wonder if the school was built around you, and if you really have any weeks left on your CSN. You love the student life here in Lund and our union too much, you just can’t leave it behind you. The question we are all asking ourselves, are you ever going to graduate? Some of us are might starting to get a bit tired of you, but the truth is, you will surely be missed when you finally decide to leave us.


Regardless of what type you are, or if your neither of the types above, you’re important and needed. It’s the combination of different types of people that make our union and school the best!

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