What should we be wearing this Christmas?

It goes without saying that last year’s Christmas and New Years’ were hardly celebrated, or at least very differently. Fast-forward one year and, although holiday parties might look a little different from how they previously did, they are officially back on the agenda. And so is dressing accordingly!

After a long break from wearing sparkling dresses and suits, it is finally time to make glitter and glamour part of our wardrobe again. However, we know it might be challenging to know what tone to strike with our after-dark look. But no need to worry, Nådiga Lundtan is here to help you choose what to wear for this festive season. 

First of all, we are suckers for chic pieces that are both sophisticated and effortless, which means they will fit perfectly into our capsule wardrobe as well. There’s nothing worse than buying an item and only wearing it once, it’s not good for neither our wallet nor the planet. For the effortless and chic holiday look, we would go with a blouse or a shirt in a luxurious material that we can style with whatever we already have in our closet. We’re likely to reach for an effortless piece all year round, and can pair it with everything from blue denims and slip-on skirts to suit pants. 

Do you want to get all dressed up this holiday? Well, who is stopping you? It’s only Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve once a year and this time around we have a lot of things to celebrate. So why not go all-in with a colorful or sparkling outfit? This year we are all about jaw-dropping sequin dresses and feather skirts. The time has come to make a statement with what you’re wearing!

And of course the color of love, passion and the holiday season is on trend in 2021. Why not wear something red for Christmas Eve? You can go totally red from top to toe, or you can use some accessories in red. Maybe wear an all white or black outfit and pair it with a red bag, red lipstick or some red earrings? The opportunities are multiple!

Whether you’re planning to go maximal or minimal this holiday and party season, make sure not to forget the final finishes. After all, with last year’s scaled-back outfits – yes, we are referring to the comfortable clothing (pajamas) – this is the perfect time to dress up. But we will not lie, last year’s outfits were the most comfortable we have ever worn and wouldn’t say no to wearing them once again. 

Regardless if you wear denim and a t-shirt, your pajamas, or an all glammed outfit, we are sure that you all will sparkle!

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