Welcome to my house: Victoria Starberg

The next person we are visiting is Victoria Starberg, who lives a bit further from school but closer to the town. Victoria is studying her fourth semester at the Bachlelor program at LUSEM. Victoria invited us down to Revingegatan where she lives in an apartment with her roommate and wants to tell us more about that.

How did you get this apartment?

I bought this apartment for about a year ago. I was looking around a while and then I found this one and bought it. Previously I lived in a mini-corridor close to Mejeriet, I have lived here for about a year.

Are you happy with your apartment?

Yes! I really like my apartment and to live with my roommate, but my neighbors are a little unreasonable. They complain a lot about noise and so on, but other than that I really like it! I love my apartment!

How did you find your roommate?

I posted an ad on Blocket which I also shared on Facebook. She knows my brother, so she saw it and wrote to me. I did not want to live with my closest friend because it would be a little bit too much. So, I met with her and then we decided that she was going to move in. We had never met before, but we had a few common friends.

How do you divide common expenses?

Well, if you see that something is missing you purchase it, it usually cuts down even in the end. And when you take out common old bottles and cans I often buy something to the kitchen or bathroom that we need. We have our own shells in the fridge and cabins, but if you are out of something you can take from each other and so on. We also have common spices and other necessary things.

Do you and your roommate go along well?

Yes, we work great together! We don’t see each other that often because very different schedules but we eat together sometimes when both are home. We try to have Sunday dinners together.

How do you experience the distance between school and the city?

It is really close to town which is really nice. It is a bit to school, but it only takes about 15 minutes if you have a bike. Otherwise you can take the bus. Otherwise it is close to everything but the school is furthest away, however, I think it works well.

How did you decorate your room?

Most of the furnitures are things I have inherited from my grandparents, taken from home or bought from Blocket and Erikshjälpen. I actually got everything within 24 hours. For example one of the paintings used to hang in my grandmas bathroom and I have always loved it since I was little! 

Victora seems to be very happy with her apartment and to have a roommate, although she may not always be as nice as it seems. She actually has a Moet-mug in her place that she stole from her old roommate in Berlin. She took it from the kitchen two month before she moved out so that he would think it had broke and not she stole it.

Photos by Emma Sandin/Nådiga Lundtan


Erika Larsson


Reporter for Nådiga Lundtan, Autumn 2017 - Spring 2018

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