Welcome to my house: LUSEM edition

To give you guys inspiration if you are moving or looking for a new place to live, or if you just are curious how your fellow students at LUSEM lives Lundtan has visited some students and asked them to tell us more about their home.

First up we have Kajsa Skotte who is living the corridor-life in true student spirit. Kajsa is currently studying her third semester at the Bachelor program, but she is not new in Skåne since she is from a little place called Höllviken outside of Malmö. She invited us into her home at Sparta which is according to Sydsvenskan Lunds ugliest building: but does Kajsa really agree? Sparta is one of AF-bostäder student houses and they have both corridoors and apartments. Kajsa lives in one of the corridors and she has a first hand contract.

How long did you stand in line before you could receive your contract?
I registered at AF when I was accepted to Lund University, which was in December 2016 and then I got this at Sparta in Mars, so about 3 months. Since I am from Skåne I was not in the novice group so I could not apply for the rooms that were reserved for novices. So now I have lived here for a year!

Do you like it?
Yes, I like it a lot. I always keep my eyes open for new apartments, but I feel comfortable here!

How does it work in the corridor with cleaning and the social aspect?
Yes, we are 13 students in my corridor and it is very social! We gathered and ate some waffles together at the waffle day. Of course, everybody is divided, and some are closer than others, but there is a good vibe, and everybody talks to each other. We try to do different things together occasionally. The cleaning also works well, it differs depending on who has cleaning week, but everybody is doing their job and people reminds each other. So, it is often pretty clean.

How do you experience the distance between school and the city?
Well, the distance to school could not be better since Sparta is right next to EC! And to the city center it goes fast if you have a bike. However, I would not say no to move closer to town if I would get an apartment at Dammhagen for instance. I would not switch to another corridor, but I would like to try living in an apartment in town.


How did you decorate your room?
I had a lot of inspiration from how my room was back at home. I like green tones and I wanted to make it cozy! I wanted to be able to sit anywhere else than my bed so therefore I brought a sofa, and it is nice to be able to have guests. It was my mom who gave me the idea to have a folding table so I can have people over for dinner. Most of the decorations has come later, for instance my beloved plants. I bought my furnitures second hand and some new and I got the folding table and my fridge as a moving in present from my parents. I also have a lot of kitchen equipment of my own who I have bought after I moved in.

 Something that is special with Kajsas corridor is that there has previously lived an artist there and he has painted one of the paintings in the kitchen and he sometimes returns and paints to the other people in the corridor. So, if you want a new painting Kajsa is the one you should contact!

Photos by Emma Sandin, Nådiga Lundtan



Erika Larsson


Reporter for Nådiga Lundtan, Autumn 2017 - Spring 2018

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