Want to make your ideas into a start-up? Here’s what to do

Have you ever used Oatly’s products while cooking or in your coffee? Maybe you own a pair of Bluetooth headphones? Perhaps you use a Hövding while biking? Well then let me tell you that you have probably directly or indirectly used products or services that once upon a time had their start at Lund University. 

If you, like me, once had to take FEKA90 then you’ve probably heard about Oatly, maybe you even had to read an article about how Oatly was founded due to research from Lund University in the 90s. As previously presented, Oatly is not the only company with roots in Lund. However, all companies need funds to transform their business idea into reality. Start-ups can for example receive funds from venture capitalists, take loans from banks and apply for stipends and help from government-funded associations. So what do Lund University’s start-ups do?

There are two organizations called LU Holding and LU Innovation. LU Innovation’s main mission is to support and transform ideas into a company, while LU Holding provides funds through investments and partnerships, as well as networking and structure. LU Innovation is a part of the Swedish government’s work to support research, from different universities from all over the country, that would be beneficial for society. Therefore LU Innovation and Holding supports and finances important research made by students and researchers. For students specifically, VentureLab is where to turn. It was founded in 2001 by a professor at LUSEM and is since 2015 part of LU Innovation. They provide various free services specifically for students with a business idea they want to make a reality. Their services include free funding, office spaces, and guidance.

Research and ideas are important for society to function, otherwise, mankind becomes stagnant. If you ever dream about an idea or research you would like to make a reality, the tools are there to help you! Your idea might make a difference in society.  

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