Want to join?

The committee members are recruited in the end of each Spring semester and the beginning of each Autumn semester. Keep an eye out on www.lundaekonomerna.se/positions to apply!


As one of Nådiga Lundtan’s reporters, you have a lot of freedom regarding your texts. You are able to choose whether to interview a person of your interest, report on various economic situations in the world, or anything else that you think your fellow students at LUSEM would enjoy reading about. Good qualities are being social, creative and outgoing. You’ll have to be curious, fast-working and have an interest in meeting people and taking initiative.

Marketing Coordinator

As a marketing coordinator, you should be able to work in Adobe programmes such as Photoshop. You will be responsible for all of the marketing, including social media and the website. Publishing articles, making posters and editing photos is some of the work you’ll be doing. Being structured, creative and thinking outside the box is key!