Want guidance about the future? Apply to the WILMA mentor program!

Some of us may know precisely where we are heading in life, and some may not. Some of us may have an idea, and some don’t know where to start. However, sometimes all we need is a bit of guidance, someone to talk to, someone with experience and knowledge. Lundaekonomernas own committee WILMA is now opening up applications for adepts to their mentor program, and I wouldn’t hesitate to apply if I were you! 

A few days ago I met up with Anna Gustafsson, Project Leader for WILMA. Anna studies her fourth semester on the BSc in Business and Economics, and she was an adept in WILMA during her first semester. After that, she applied for an active position and has been in WILMA since. WILMA stands for Women In Lund Mentor Association, and the committee consists of seven active members. WILMA’s main focus is to promote female leadership through its mentor program. The mentors are women from the Swedish business sector, mostly around Lund and Malmö. These women have various professions, and Anna describes how WILMA always endeavors to match the mentor with the interests and ambitions of the adept.

So what does it mean to be an adept? It’s important to state that being an adept does not equal being an active member. As an adept you don’t have any obligations, besides maybe commitment towards your mentor. Furthermore, everyone can be an adept- no matter gender or level of degree. Both Bachelor students and Master students are welcome to apply. WILMA has approximately 70 adepts and 35 mentors. The mentorship is during two semesters, and throughout this time you meet your mentor as often as you prefer. You decide how you would like to spend your sessions with your mentor, but usually the mentors and adepts meet up over a “Fika” and have inspiring conversations about the future. Normally two students share one mentor, which as well is an excellent way to get to know fellow Lundaekonomer!

Matilda Pettersson is one of the mentors, who has been in the program since 2018. Matilda lives in Malmö and works as a product specialist at Swedbank Robur. Her interest and expertise in funds and savings have helped many adepts to learn more about the stock market for instance, and she has also been guiding some adepts throughout their job applications.

“I have had the privilege of getting to know many wonderful and inspiring  adepts as a mentor, for which I am extremely grateful. The best thing about being a mentor is that I have gained a great deal of wisdom from my adepts. During our conversations, both I and them are often reminded of the importance of choosing the desire to succeed and not the fear of failiure. Through my mentorship, I hope that I can be of help in getting the adepts to reflect on where they get their motivation and which values are important. WILMA’s mentoring program is truly a “together project” that I believe provides equal support and learning for adepts as well as mentors.” – Matilda Pettersson, mentor WILMA

Still hesitating? Well, don’t let go of this opportunity. You will get valuable advice from inspiring women in the Swedish business sector and someone to share your reflections and visions with. WILMA also arranges 5-7 events each year where all mentors and adepts meet, for example lunch lectures or inspirational evenings. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your network and meet many interesting people – adepts as well as mentors.

Applications are open between January 23rd – January 29th. If you are interested to learn more, visit WILMA’s Instagram @wilma.le or www.lundaekonomerna.se/wilma/. 

Questions? Contact PL Anna at wilma@lundaekonomerna.se

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