Want a Famous Blue Cap of Your Own? This Is Your Chance – Applications for The Novice Committee Is Now Open 

Did you have a total blast during Novice Week? Then why not extend it? Until Sunday the 19th applications for the Novice Committee are open and they are looking for SEVEN new people to join their family. I have gotten the privilege to interview everyone in the committee to get a better picture of what they actually do. So to find out which position that will suit you best, just keep reading. Take your chance and one of the spots can be yours!

– The Novice Week is such an important thing, since it is the first you get to see when you become a LundaEkonom. We get the chance to welcome all novices and start off the student life with a bang! Vice Project Leader Karl “Musen” Enocson says.

There is much more than just that week though. The work spreads over the whole semester and so does all the fun activities that come with it too. Being a part of the Novice Committee makes you an active member so you get to go to AMD (Active Members Day), the famous Vinterbalen and the Astrogala to name a few. Furthermore the committee themselves hang out a lot, partying and getting to know each other.

– We value spending time outside of the committee work. It really tightens the group and then everything becomes more fun, Project Leader Nathalie “Valu” Lindström says. And that is another thing we value. I want everyone to have a good time, that is the most important thing, she adds.

But what does each and everyone do to make this week happen?

Julianna “Brasse” Johansson Agopian is one of soon-to-be four, Social Activity Coordinators.

– Being a Social Activity Coordinator means that you get to be responsible for the day-activities, one or two days during the week. During the last Novice Week Monday and Friday were mine. I planned what activities there should be, arranged with location, police permit, schedule etc. It is fun to have the responsibility, but also very nice to know that we are four coordinators that help each other out if needed. We work very close and often brainstorm together, Julianna says.

Another position that is open for recruitment is Event Coordinator. This last novice period Agnes “Trinity” Tamanivalu-Moritz has been one and if you attended The Novice Party last Saturday, well then you have already seen what she (and in the future you?) can do.

– As an Event Coordinator I get to plan the bigger social events like the closing Friday-Event and the Novice Party. I get to plan everything about the events basically. Both location, food, logistics, entertainment and theme. It makes it a very creative and varying role, she says.

Another position for the creative one is Communications Coordinator. Rebecka “Kroken” Grapenmyr tells me about her work.

– I am in charge of the committee’s social channels like Instagram and Facebook, but also things like writing the Novice Guide and taking photos during the week. I like that the work is so creative. When preparing posts for example I work with Canva a lot, but we do get access to Adobe as well, she says.

Lastly we are off to what could be the most important role in the committee, because what would the week be without Coca Cola Lime and Pucko Orange? Simon “Knota” Hermelin is Corporate Relations Coordinator and if you want a position that requires you to work towards companies and you understand the importance of professionalism, this is for you.

– I am in contact with companies to get them the branding they want and get us all the sponsoring, Simon explains. I have learned more about how this kind of business works and it is a good opportunity to network and get business contacts. Something that could be useful in the future, he adds.

Do you think this sounds like fun, but are unsure if you really should apply, if it is something for you? Well, Project Leader Nathalie “Valu” Lindström has an easy answer to that.

– YES! Basically, if you want to have a great time, this is for you. We are a family that is doing this because we think it is fun and with that happens to throw one of the most amazing weeks. Take this opportunity and join us!

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