Vinterbalen: It’s coming home!

2020 has been a rough year, no one can deny that. A pandemic came through like a cataclysm and broke many of the union’s operations apart. Indeed, many of our traditional events have had to be postponed or canceled, much to the dismay of all of our members. But despite this however, we will still, as always, try to end the year with a bang. There’s an event at year end where that bang is sounded, a tradition where we can get together in festivity, in white tie and ball extravaganza – despite the cataclysm of 2020, this year won’t be any different. Ladies and Gentlemen: Vinterbalen – it’s coming home

What do you get when you combine coke with Ice, Christmas with Michael Bublé, Ketchup and hot dogs as well as Treasurer Lucas Bengtsson with his LE pins? A host of fantastic combinations and a fabulous end result, rest assured, a family type get-together-ball-festive event on steroids will be an equally terrific fusion. The guests will be seated in groups of up to five people and be able to participate in the events that are scheduled in this year’s Vinterbal: Home Edition. Expect entertainment in its usual ball-form with snaps songs from visboken, performances and a most phenomenal composition from the toast masters to get you through the evening in a heartbeat. Home edition is different – but different though it is Vinterbalen will make sure to include the classic experience as we’ve all come to love it nonetheless and make sure that you may take part in the unity and camaraderie of being a Lundaekonom. As for the food, nothing less than a catered three-course dinner is to be expected. 

Dear reader! Get ready, let’s all join together in our parted locations and make sure that we came out of 2020 swinging – spirits high, excitement on lock, and with many phenomenal memories in the bag. This one’s on us, together – and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way.


Rasmus Engström


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