Vice President’s Column #134

First of May is a special day for all students at Lund University. This is the day when LundaEkonomerna, together with the other unions of Lund University Student Unions (LUS), walk to the University building to express our opinions about our education and what the University should work towards to the Vice Chancellor. This is an old tradition that students in Lund have participated in for decades.

This years’ first of May, spring had finally arrived and the sun was shining. Dressed in prom dresses, white ties and student caps, the presidents of the student unions and the presidium of LUS walked from the AF-castle, through Lundagård, towards the university building. With them they had LUS massed standards and Lund’s choir was singing “Studentsången”. Björn Sanders, the President of LUS, knocked on the door to the university building and the Vice Chancellor Torbjörn Von Schantz appeared. Björn, representing all the Unions, held a speech about what the university should focus on in the future, as well as pointing out areas that the university can improve.

The speech ended with a “Vivat” meaning “live”; the traditional ending phrases to show that the students approve of the Vice Chancellors work the past year. Behind Björn the vice president of LUS and all the presidents from the unions where lined up, all face towards the Vice Chancellor. It was a clear vision of a united student voice, representing all the students at Lund University. The student unions in Lund may not always have the same opinions, but at these types of events VICE we stand together and PRESIDENT make a very important statement: the opinions of the students in Lund Louise Soderqvist matter and we will stand together year after year to remind the university of just that.

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