Vice President’s Column #123

The other day I read my horoscope, something I usually do not believe in, but for once it was spot on. It said that now is a time for change and new impressions.

That is exactly what I am facing right now. As I am writing this, it has been 64 days since I took on the role as Vice President for LundaEkonomerna. A completely new challenge for me.

But I am not the only one facing a great change; around 500 Novices of LundaEkonomerna are experiencing similar adjustments right now. It is a time of many questions, great confusion, and a lot of expectations buzzing through the air.

This makes me think about my first month as a student in Lund. I arrived in a new city where I was about to get new friends, new accommodation, a new lifestyle, and every-thing that comes with it. For me, as for anyone else, a scary situation. But at the same time my curiosity took over and at that moment I did not know what to expect, other than something great.

With that said, I want to remind you that we have all been there, and we have all done that. So do not be afraid to embrace the opportunities within LundaEkonomerna. We will be by your side from the Novice week up until your Master’s degree, and we hope you will be there with us. I know by heart that you have the best time in front of you.

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