The 30th of April every year, students gather in Lund to celebrate one of the biggest evenings of the year. Valborg, as most of Sweden call it, is traditionally called siste april (last of April) in Lund. People gather in Stadsparken, Lundaspexarna have their traditional siste-apriluppsättning and radio AF usually send live from Stadsparken. We’ve gathered some of the biggest events during the day for you, so that you’ll have an idea of what is going on around Lund during this spectacular holiday!


  • Tegelbruket (Helsingkrona Nation, Sydskånska Nationen, Kristianstads Nation)


The three nations mentioned above will open their clubs on the evening. A ticket to the event is equal to access to all nations- you could visit all of them on the same night! The dance floor at Sydskånska nationen will be filled with african rhythms and ‘’Krischan’’ is the place to go if you are in for some house music. There can however be no doubt about what genre that will dominate the Helsingkrona dancefloor. Yes, you guessed it; Schlager.


  • Östgöta nation


At 13:00 the doors to Östgöta nation’s “last of april party” will open. In their courtyard they’ll have a DJ playing Lounge house music and you will, hopefully, be able to enjoy beer and food in the sun. This day party will go on until 19:00 when the courtyard will close and preparations for the club, which opens at 22:00, begins. During this time it’s recommended to find a “middle-party”, eat dinner and drink some water because you’ll be dancing all night long!


  • Malmö Nation


Malmö Nation will host their traditional ‘’Valborgsyra’’ at their inner yard, with 2000 people attending the event. Last year, Dada Life were the guest artist and this year the French DJ Kungs will attend the event. Kungs is mainly known for his hit song ‘’This Girl’’, with over 500 million streams on Spotify. We Lundaekonomer also know it as ‘’Vi ska aldrig gå hem’’, song number 116 in the new Lundaekonom songbook. In the evening, Casanova will be open. This is certainly something that you do not want to miss!


  • Stadsparken


One of the biggest events during Valborg is of course the picnic in Stadsparken. Every year 30.000 people visit the park to enjoy each other’s company and have a good time together. Radio AF will play music from the white stage between 11am and 3pm. No bikes, glass bottles, furniture and tents will be allowed in the park, so make sure to leave that at home! Lund’s kommun will also host a traditional celebration of Valborg in the evening, and the traditional ‘’brasa’’ will be lit at 20.45 to celebrate the arrival of spring.


  • Smålands Nation


Smålands will host a Valborg BBQ on the lawn next to Dackegården. At the BBQ, you can have soya-dogs and be creative by making banners for the day to come; the 1st of May, or ‘’Labour day’’. The event will be open between 16.00 and 23.00.


Photo: Malmö Nation


Malkolm Wester

Editor-in-Chief of Nådiga Lundtan, VT 2019

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