Uppsalaekonomerna’s Vice President visits Nådiga Lundtan

Life. Rewarding, pleasant and loving or long, hard and painful? There are many ways to look upon life. My belief is that we all change our perspective depending on where in life we find ourselves at the moment. Sometimes life is cheerful and other times not as much. But no matter the present state you find yourself in you will always be heading in one direction – forward, towards the undecided and hopefully the greater future.

In a world full of golden allurements, surrounded by major companies with breathtaking commercial strategies, it can sometimes be tricky to know whether or not you are making the right decisions. Especially if you want to be prepared for that unpredictable future. However, what more can one do in order to be prepared but to live your life to the fullest, enjoy every second, cherish your peers and others and hope that life gives you the education you need. Then again there is never anything wrong with helping life give you that extra little head start…

Education is something we receive whether we want it or not. It does not only exist within the walls of EC but in every moment of your life. Every meeting, every party at Skånis, every trip to the four corners of the world holds something in mind for you to learn. A new lesson to help prepare you for the greater future. Commercialism is for some to make good business decisions and thus earning a lot of money. For me it is more about making choices, and congrats, you have already made several good ones! You are studying a BSc in business and economics, or being a part of LundaEkonomerna, thus preparing yourself for greatness. So no matter what your mind tells you in the morning, whether you are tired from Vinterbalen and your shoes are missing, or you wake up singing like the hummingbird in the neon dawn sky, continue to live life to the fullest! Get experienced and educated, become the commercial perfect choice that you yourself are trying to make. Then I am sure that life surely will go from hard and painful to pleasant, loving and rewarding, faster than any other commercial strategy you can come up with, making the undecided future yet at least a little bit more decided.

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