Uppsalaekonomerna’s President visits Nådiga Lundtan

Commercialism: It is everywhere. From Uppsala to Lund. In fashion, in sports and in social media. It seems like you can never escape the reach of today’s commercialism. Some lose hope in humanity and society, others see possibilities.

Being president of Uppsalaekonomerna, one might think that I am the number one competitor of our counterparts in Lund. One might think that the commercialism has penetrated deep into the student sphere, and that we fight over the best students and companies. You are wrong!

The vibe in Uppsala and Lund are similar. I was born and raised in Lund but moved to Uppsala in 2012 after a de-tour to Norway. Since then, I have enjoyed the Uppsala student life to a maximum. The three years have been filled with memories and moments I will never forget.

Every day, students in Uppsala and Lund work several hours in creating a great environment and experience for other students.

Most importantly, it is 100 % unpaid work, or at a CSN pay level and then sacrificing a year of studies. We do not do it for the money, nor the fame and our organizations are non-profit. There is something else behind the elemental power that the students create.

I believe it all comes down to the easy concept of having fun. A wise woman once said: “We are a student association, the only wrong we can do is to not have fun”. Students in Lund and Uppsala want fun, and they forget what commercialism is all about for a period of time. A couple of weeks ago LundaEkonomerna visited Uppsala, and we created some new memories and had a lot of fun, together. It was clear that it was a weekend of fun and joy and nothing else! So to the students of LundaEkonomerna: forget money and fame – have fun!

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