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Here at EC, we are very often encouraged to think outside the box. But just for now, let’s think inside the box. Or more specifically, inside the lunch box. For many of us students bringing lunch with us to school is very common, but sometimes not quite that funny. It takes both time and energy to prepare, but it sure doesn’t take your money. To get you and myself some inspirations for our future boxes I met a couple of EC-students and asked them to share their secrets and prices of their lunchboxes, so that maybe you can impress your buddies on your next lunch.

Sandra made what I like to call an upgraded version of Pasta Pesto and the most colourful lunch. She boils the pasta while frying garlic with broccoli and mushrooms. Thirty seconds before the pasta is ready she also puts in soybeans in the frying pan, just to get them warm. Finally, she mix everything with pesto and top it with tomatoes. The estimated price for this lunch is 19 SEK per portion.

Erika made Pasta with Mushrooms and Beans and describes her lunch with the catchy phrase “quick, smooth and vegetarian”. She started off with boiling the pasta. Then she fried mushrooms with some spices. After that she poured down cooking cream, crushed tomatoes and red beans. To top it all off she she uses a lot of basil.

The estimated price for this lunch is 11 SEK per portion.     

Frida made a Chicken Bolognese. She starts off with boiling pasta and frying bits of chicken. When the chicken is ready, Frida also puts in chopped up carrots, zucchinis and corn in the pan so that they get a pretty surface, like a wok. Then it’s time to pour tomato sauce over it and spice it up, with salt pepper, chili but especially with cumin. She tells me that cumin is her favorite spice. For 19 SEK this all yours. YUM!

Sara’s lunchbox is clearly today’s winner as the cheapest one. Sara made a Lentil and Bean Chilli with rice for only 7 SEK(!) per portion. This dish looks super yummy but is especially tasty before CSN. Start off with boiling the rice. Fry paprika, garlic and onion with spices like cayenne pepper, cumin and paprika powder. The point is to make it in the style of a chilli. Put everything in a large saucepan and add crushed tomatoes and lentils (not the pre-cooked ones). Boil until the lentils become soft. Then she put in some beans and corn. She tells me that she made twelve boxes out of this and it works perfectly to put in the freezer.

And from the end of CSN to the bright beginning we have Claras’ lunchbox which sounds more expensive than it actually is. Salmon Pasta with Truffle Sauce, with an estimated price of 20 SEK per portion. Start off with boiling pasta. Fry salmon, silver onion, mushrooms and broccoli. Then pour over oat-based cooking cream. For spice: use salt, black pepper, lime juice, parmesan and truffle oil.

If you have a great recipe that you want us to feature next time, send an email to and we will make sure to contact you! Until then – see you by the microwaves!


Josefina Lundh


Reporter for Nådiga Lundtan, Autumn 2017 - Spring 2018

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