The Hunt for Red October

By the time you are reading this, a look out of the window is not likely to be a cheerful one; viewing a dull landscape of grey and brown. However, had you read this piece two weeks earlier that view would likely have been considerably more pleasant. During the latter half of October, a very large portion of Lund’s students spend their time holed up in university facilities & cafés or procrastinating in their rooms for the upcoming mid-terms. By doing so, they unfortunately miss out on the natural spectacle going on outside. Because during fall, Lund is simply nothing but an absolute beauty. As the leaves shift they soak the town in a canopy of yellow and red. Bicycling by the university library with its ivy bursting out in gorgeous shades of green, yellow and red, one simply cannot avoid being inspired and gaze an extra couple of seconds in appreciation. Therefore, if you have the good fortune of still being able to experience some of this, I recommend you all to enjoy what is left of fall regardless of what you are are doing. Whether you are shopping, going to a party or actually studying, take time to suck the colours in and truly appreciate the gem that Lund is. You might have to wait another 10 months, but it is a wait worth the while with a beautiful spring in between. For many of us, our university years fly by and we end up working long hours in concrete jungles, dull offices, and other places that have little contact with nature. Therefore, stop for a second and let yourself be marvelled by the town you live in.

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