The best Christmas markets close to Lund

December is here and Christmas is around the corner. Skåne is perhaps not known for cold and snowy Decembers, but there are other ways to achieve that Christmas spirit. Christmas is all about being cozy and spending time with your near and dear ones, and visiting Christmas markets is a nice activity to do together during December. Even though some Christmas markets have already taken place, there are a few ones left! Keep reading if you want to explore some new places and get a pre-taste of Christmas in Skåne, because I will guide you through the best Christmas markets close to Lund.

10 December Malmö Saluhall, Malmö
Malmö Saluhall is known for its amazing food and atmosphere. On Saturday 10th of December, Malmö Saluhall is transformed into a cozy Christmas market, where local producers offer fine Christmas deals on their amazing products. Furthermore, there will be gorgeous decorations, gifts, and beautiful creations from local artists.
Price: Free
10/12: 11.00-17.00

9-11 December Övedskloster, Harlösa
Övedskloster in Harlösa outside of Lund arranges a big Christmas market during the third advent weekend. With more than 120 exhibitors, you will most likely find something you like. Perhaps the perfect Christmas gift?
Price: 110 sek
9/12: 15.00-20.00
10/12 & 11/12: 10.00-17.00

4 November – 21 December Højbro Plads, Strøget, Copenhagen
If you would like to take the train over the bridge and visit lovely Copenhagen, the Christmas market at Højbro Plads right next to Strøget is the place for you!
Price: Free
Monday – Wednesday: 11.00-19.00
Thursday: 11.00-20.00
Friday – Saturday: 11.00- 21.00
Sunday: 12.00-19.00

8 November – 31 December The Tivoli, Copenhagen
When speaking of Copenhagen, it would be rude not to mention the classic Christmas celebrations at The Tivoli! Enjoy beautiful lights, decorations, nice food, and fun activities at the amusement park. You will not regret it!
Price: 145 dkk (entrance only)
Monday – Thursday: 11.00-22.00
Friday – Saturday: 11.00-24.00
Sunday: 11.00-22.00

Every Thursday – Sunday, Gustav Adolfs Torg, Malmö
The Christmas market at Gustav Adolf’s square in Malmö is popular and well-known. The market takes place every Thursday to Sunday until Christmas. Why not spend a cozy afternoon in our neighboring city?
Price: Free
1/12 – 4/12: 11.00-18.00
8/12 – 11/12: 11.00-18.00
15/12 – 18/12: 11.00 -18.00

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