The beautiful architecture in Lund

We are privileged to study in a city that has many buildings with incredibly beautiful architecture. Most of the buildings have been standing here for many years and hopefully many more to come. The old buildings’ architecture is different from how architects design and create art in today’s society. Our society’s thought of “less is more” describes how the modern ideas within architecture create work of art today.

There are a lot of different reasons why we do not build these majestic buildings anymore. A lot of them are economical but also because of the ideals of the epoch we are in today. Here we have three buildings that are hard to overshine even with new modern architecture.


Universitetsbiblioteket is according to students in Lund, probably the most beautiful building they know in Lund. The architecture and leaf decoration on the front of the building will easily catch your attention when you walk by. Over the years, many students have walked in and out of these doors. The library was designed by the architect Alfred Hellerström and was completed in 1907, during the following years the building has been supplemented and renovated in various places. Today, the University Library is a special library with responsibility for the historical collections and special collections. Their halls are perfect for students studying during the week but also on weekends.

Gamla Kirurgen

Gamla Kirurgen is another admirable building belonging to Lund University. The building was completed in 1868 and it is designed in the late gothic style by the famous architect Helgo Zettervall, who designed many of the university’s buildings. The building is located in Lund’s old hospital area and was initially used as a surgery clinic. During the 1970s, the hospital moved away from the block and the buildings were transformed into teaching facilities for Lund University. Extensive renovations were made during 1978-1980 by Klas Anshelm, to better adapt the premises to the teaching. Today, the University’s International Secretariat, the Student Unit, and reading rooms are located here.


Since 1882, the University House has been Lund University’s main building. The architect behind the work is Helgo Zettervall, the building came to be called his most famous work during his time. He mixed different historical styles, which were the Greek Renaissance-inspired facades and a Roman certain interior. The building gives us the appearance of history, solid materials, and craftsmanship.

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