Spex in Lund: The Tradition and Importance of Student Theater

If you are a student here in Lund, chances are pretty high that you have come across the word ‘’Spex’’ once in a while. Spex is a longstanding tradition that has become an integral part of the student theater scene in Lund. It originated in Sweden and Denmark in the 19th century and has then grown to be a central part of Lundabors culture and has remained its popularity until today. It involves musical and theatrical performances that are primarily comedic and satirical.

One of the most unique aspects of Spex is the fact that it is entirely student-led. All aspects of a Spex performance, from the script writing to the music composition and performance, to the directing and acting, are made by students themselves. This encourages them to be their most creative and in that scene, the classic pieces always get a new, personal touch. The plays are therefore often parodies of current events, popular culture, and historical events, and are for that reason, known for their irreverent humor.

There are many different Spex groups, such as Lundaspexarna and Boelspexarna. Performances are held throughout the year, with the largest productions taking place in the spring, and these productions can be quite elaborate, with extensive sets, costumes, and musical numbers.

If you’re a student at Lund University or a resident of the city, attending a Spex performance is a must-do activity. You’ll be treated to a night of laughter, music, and unforgettable entertainment. And who knows, you may even be inspired to join a Spex group and get involved in this unique and fun cultural tradition.

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