Some real #Novischtips

Hey Novices!


I bet all of you have a lot of thoughts orbiting around your mind at the moment. The Novice Week of HT 2018, with the theme ‘’Lund Olympics’’ has just been finished and you have met lots of new people, in a town many of you do not know since earlier. A new chapter of your life has begun, so: What is it going to be like in the city of Lund? Let me take you through the day of a student at Lund University School of Economics and Management.

You’ve got up early in the morning and it is time to go to the lecture. How do you do that? Well, first of all: the most uncommon mode of transport is biking. The amount of students in Lund that actually jump on their bikes and ride all the way to Ekonomicentrum (or EC) is very low. The ride from the city centre to EC is downwards, you don’t even need to use your pedals! On the other hand, you are going to work harder when you are going from EC to the city centre however, expect to end up sweaty when you’ve come home. You are lucky it is not the reversed; you don’t wanna end up at your lecture sweaty!

So, now it is time for some study. How are you going to pass your next exam, which is only a few weeks away? Well, something that you certainly shouldn’t do is to ask for help from so called ‘’T2:or’’, ‘’T3:or’’ or ‘’T4:or’’. They think it is a waste of time and do certainly not have access to resources such as summaries of course literature and former exams. Spend your time more wisely, for god’s sake!

After a long day of studying, it could be a good idea to have something to eat before a long night is getting closer. Which means that it is time for some grocery shopping! Right next to EC, you have ICA Tuna, but it could be hard to find good food for a cheaper price than usually there. The so called ‘’storpack’’ is way more expensive there compared to other grocery stores. So, in other words: If you have the ambition to spend some money on food in order to develop in the kitchen and become the next Ernst Kirchsteiger; spend your money elsewhere! And by the way; no one actually makes pasta with ‘’köttfärssås’’.

You might have made the fantastic choice to join Lundaekonomerna, but what about the nations? Now it is time to go out, and to which nation should YOU go? Well, we can have a look at the dancefloors of the nation clubs. In case you are the one who screams the loudest to ‘’Ramlar’’ by Håkan Hellström, and knows the entire rap session of ‘’Kom igen Lena’’, try to stay away from Göteborgs Nation. No one knows about Håkan there. And besides that? Well, you are certainly not going to listen to Swedish House Mafia at Casanova, the nightclub of Malmö Nation, Carola at Helsingkrona Nations ‘’Schlagernatt’’, or hiphop at Östgöta Nations thursday club ‘’Downtown’’. And if your favourite song, just like me, is Shoreline by Broder Daniel, don’t go to Blekingska.

And at last, after the club, it is time to go home. Don’t expect to attend an after party, it is common to get straight home and sleep, without ordering a pizza or ‘’kebabbox’’ at Challes, Mårtens or Sesam. They are never as empty as they are at around 02.10 on a friday or saturday night. Enjoy a good night’s sleep and get ready for a new, fresh day!


Once again, welcome to Lund. And by the way; #Novischtips.

Malkolm Wester


Editor of Nådiga Lundtan and currently studying the Bachelors program in Business Administration and Economics at LUSEM.

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