Some advice for the summer

A long year in Lund has (finally or sadly, depending on how you feel about it) come to its end. Sittnings, parties, school work, extra-curricular activities… Well, the list can certainly be made even longer, that is for sure. Some of you will be back after the summer, hopefully well-rested and ready for new experiences. Some of you will take a break from Lund and head out on an internship or doing a semester abroad at another university, in another country. And some of you might actually leave Lund for good, after years of studying. Congratulations to those of you who now hold a degree! But as the studies takes a break during the summer, it is up to you to make the most of it.

Take some time to catch up with friends you have not seen in a while. Especially if you, like me, originally are from another region in Sweden. As most of you know, it can be hard to catch up with friends when you live in different parts of Sweden or in different countries. You will have a lot to talk about after spending time in different cities and been up to different stuff in life, that is for sure.

Enjoy the sun, for god’s sake. We don’t get to see it that often in this part of the world, and it is by no means a guarantee that this summer will be as hot and sunny as the last one. (Have a look at the prognosis for the upcoming week, in case you are in doubt.) So when you see the sun, make sure to enjoy it! To make the most out of your place in the sun, do not forget the ice cream.

And sleep as much as you can. I realized almost as soon as I came “home-home” from Lund that I had a “sleep debt” to pay off, due to a heavy study load during almost the entire May. After sleeping many, many hours since the last assignment in school, I start to feel like a human again. To all of you who are reading this, do not feel stressed about getting out of bed early (unless you have a job to go to). Make sure to get back to school, or whatever you plan to do after the summer more ready and well-rested than you ever have been before, in order to take on new challenges.

The editorial team of Nådiga Lundtan wishes you a chill, lazy, and last but not least, a fantastic summer. See you again in September!


Malkolm Wester

Editor-in-Chief of Nådiga Lundtan, VT 2019

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