Rosa Pantern Panthers

How much do you exercise on a regular week? Science has proven that physical activity could make students perform better in school. Not only a bit better, but it could actually increase the level of performance in school by up to 40%. And there are those who have embraced this research.

In 2016, a group of four guys from a town 70 kilometers north of Stockholm (we do not mention the name of the town in Lundtan) made the wise decision to begin studying in Lund. They were all celebrating that they had been accepted at LUSEM and celebrated by having pizza at a restaurant called ‘’Rosa Pantern’’ (Swedish for Pink Panther) in that town. One of the four guys, Ludwig Entzenberg, came up with the idea to start a football team in the Swedish amateur league ‘’Korpen’’, in order to have something to do besides their studies. The name of the team? Well, the name originates from the place where it all began; Rosa Pantern Panthers.

After the summer, the guys began their studies at LUSEM, and formed a team consisting of solely LundaEkonomer, who until now have played for three seasons in the Korpen League here in Lund. By that, they have hopefully managed to increase their level of performance within their schoolwork and union work within LundaEkonomerna. And in their final season, they managed to win the league.

The team leader, Lex, couldn’t be happier about the outcome of the final season. ‘’Unfortunately, an era has come to an end, and thus it is amazing that we could end the final season by winning the Korpen League. During the last three years, we have truly been developing something amazing by semester after semester keeping LundaEkonomer active in order to sharpen their minds, so they can perform better in school. I would like to say that I see myself as a leisure allowance who has come to save many of my fellow students from the negative spiral of re-exams. We have a unique sense of togetherness, we are not only a team, but a family.”

The top goalscorer of the team, Oscar ‘’Ibracadabra’’ Engström, was lyrical after they won the league.

‘’This is something I have been fighting for ever since my novice period three years ago. I have been training a lot in order to build up my strength, and also to improve my shot accuracy. But of course, all the players have been doing a great job’’.

Even though Rosa Pantern Panthers will not longer play in the regional Korpen League, they still see a light in the tunnel. The vision of the team is to start a ‘’real’’ football team in Stockholm now when a large part of the players have been taking their degrees, and perhaps we will see the Panthers in Allsvenskan one day – who knows?

Malkolm Wester


Editor of Nådiga Lundtan and currently studying the Bachelors program in Business Administration and Economics at LUSEM.

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