Review: Jacobsen by Lundaspexarna

In the city of Lund, there are several, both larger and smaller, spex organisations. One of the larger spex organisations is LundaSpexarna, with an all-male ensemble on the stage. (There is also a spex organisation with an all-female ensemble on the stage, Boelspexarna.) Over 100 persons work every semester to create a spex. Every spring, LundaSpexarna perform an old spex and every autumn, they do a completely new spex. This autumn, they performed the spex ‘’Jacobsen’’,


The history begin in Copenhagen, in the year of 1871. An old brewer named Jacob Christian Jacobsen is the only one in Denmark who know the recipe of beer and runs the Carlsberg Brewery, thereby providing our beloved neighbors across the bridge with what they enjoy the most; beer. Everyone is happy, in other words, until his secretary Agnes wakes up one morning and finds out Brewer Jacobsen is missing! To complicate things even more for Agnes, she receives a visit from no other than the King of Denmark, who finds out that Jacobsen is missing. Agnes is instantly told to find Brewer Jacobsen, in order to resume beer production in Denmark.


Brewer Jacobsen do have a son named Karl Jacobsen, whom he has a strained relationship with. Karl does not share his fathers passion for beer; he does not like beer at all. J.C Jacobsen sees this as among the larger failures in his life, and is therefore not overfond of his son. Things do get more affected during the course of the story between the father and son, leading to fatal consequences not only for their relationship, but also in a much larger scale.

A personal favourite was Karl’s version of ‘’Jag och min far’’ (Based on Magnus Uggla’s version of Olle Ljungström’s song). Also, I found a scene in the second of act of the play, where Karl meet for many students in Lund three well-known characters, hilarious.

The twist in the end of the story was very unexpected and for sure caused many laughs in the big hall. Besides Karl, a very dynamic character who develops throughout the story, I enjoyed the scenes with a certain police officer, and the actor who portrayed him did a fantastic job doing so.


The spex also contained several references to issues that are of great deal now in 2018, for example the traffic situation in Scania and the major issue in Sweden at the moment; the outcome of the parliamentary election. But there are not only references to 2018, Jacob Christian Jacobsen was the actual founder of Carlsberg and he did have a strained relationship with his son Karl back in the 19th century.


The feedback to the spex has so far been very positive. Nådiga Lundtan is not going to go against the stream, as all of the members of the committee enjoyed the spex and found it to be a fantastic way to spend almost three hours of a friday evening. If the spex would be done once again the future, it would only be logical. Well done, Lundaspexarna!


Jacobsen gets 5 out of 5 Skånisar.


Malkolm Wester

Editor-in-Chief of Nådiga Lundtan, VT 2019

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