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It is a gloomy afternoon in mid March but spring has already started to show signs of longer days and better weather. With spring on the horizon so is one of the biggest, and most intense, social events of the year – tandem 2019. Originally, biking was the transportation of choice used between Gothenburg and our beloved Lundakarneval. Nowadays though it is a nonstop 24/h party race between Lund University’s student unions and nations, gathering around 1000 students to share euphoric memories and create lifelong friendships.

But what exactly is tandem and how do I get one of the highly sought after tickets to the LundaEkonomerna team? I have met with the two LE-tandem generals, Tor and Johan, to find out.

Johan: With our team you will be the first ones to arrive to Gothenburg. Most teams gets to Götaplatsen right before the race starts at 9 PM, but we will leave Lund around noon and start the day with activities in Gothenburg. Once the race starts you will have an entire night of biking, partying and activities along the way. There are traditionally two major stops where all teams gather to party together.

Tor: We can not give away too much but when you are not on the bike you party on the bus. It is a powerful atmosphere since it is around 1000 students. One of the best things for me is to see something me and Johan have worked hard on come to life and see people enjoying it and having fun.

Emma: So what can the contestants expect from tandem?

Johan: If you manage to get a ticket then you will get a full concept. It is not only the race you get, you will meet up with the team on a sittning filled with activities and fun. You will also get a team costume. We want to make it easy for everyone to socialize with each other and avoid grouping so that is why we have so many extra activities compared to other teams.

Tor: It is a bit like the novish week, you get to hang out with a group 24/7 and become really close with them. It might sound cheesy but after the race you will miss it but you might also leave with a new best friend or a new crush.

Emma: What makes the LE-team special?

Tor: Well, there is not going to be FOMO since we are going up to Gothenburg long before the other teams.

Johan: We also have loads of activities in Gothenburg and during the time leading up to the big day. We focus a lot on the extra events and activities . Everyone will also have the exact same opportunity to get a ticket so we hope, and expect, that it will be a wide range of people in the team.

Emma: So how do you get your hands on one of these exclusive tickets?

Johan: The ticket release will take place this Saturday 23th of March. We will post a location at 12 PM and then it is up to you guys to get there as quick as possible. On that ticket there will be another location where you need to go later that night for the final challenge. At the second location there will be a party with actives well into the next day. It will almost be like the tandem race but without buses and bikes. We will call out your names during the night to make sure you are still there so if you leave or miss being called out then you lose your ticket. So do not worry if you only get a spare ticket. The chances are still high that you will make the final cut as long as you attend the event and stay for the entire time.

Emma: Lastly, can I still come if I am rubbish at riding a bike?

Johan and Tor: Of course, we encourage everyone to try to get a ticket and if you are really that bad then we will just make sure you bike together with someone who is not.

A big thank you to Johan and Tor from me and Nådiga Lundtan for the interview. We are sure that you will swish through the race!


Emma Olsson

Editor of Nådiga Lundtan HT19

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