President’s Column #132

Lund is often associated with different kinds of festivities but the student life is much more than that. However, it’s not only the students that know how to celebrate, the University is not bad themselves. This year Lund University
is celebrating 350 years, which is quite unique and
 the University wishes to celebrate this properly. The celebration goes on for over a year with many events throughout the celebration. The year is filled with much more than festivities of course, the University wants to bring attention to the research, education, collaborations and innovations that makes the university one of the top 100 universities in the world. The University offers unique courses and seminar series, as well as different exhibitions and activities for children. Some argue that the money spent on all the different festivities could be better spent on education. Some say it’s part of the culture in Lund to celebrate properly, that is what makes the university and the student life unique. To be honest, I can’t really make up my own mind. As president of a student union I wish that as much resources as possible where allocated to improving the education, but the 350 years celebration is much more than festivities and 350 years is definitely worth celebrating. No matter if the University spends too much resources on this celebration or not is definitely worth taking part of. I advise everyone to check out the university’s 180 pages long celebration guide. There is something for everyone, so take part in what the University celebration has to offer.

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