President’s Column #130

November is here and the darkness is devouring us but today I wish to direct some light on the internationalization of LundaEkonomerna and LUSEM. LundaEkonomerna is currently in an interesting, and developing phase.

We can see that the end of Civilekonomprogrammet has lead to more international students coming to LUSEM. I believe that LUSEM attracts students through our great school and amazing student life that we offer here in Lund. This internationalization of LUSEM will be taking a step further as LUSEM will offer an English bachelor program in business administration and economics. This will hopefully invite even more international students, which will be beneficial in many ways. Swedish students will see positive effects from interacting with international students from the start of the education. Furthermore, companies interested in international students who wish to work in Sweden will be given a chance to interact with them. From an economic point of view it’s not profitable to have international students coming here for education and then going back home to pursue their career.

It’s my vision that LundaEkonomerna is going to be the natural stepping stone for every international student in to Sweden. Not only socially and educational but also into the business life. This is a fantastic challenge and I am happy to represent such a international and open organization today.


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