President’s Column #128

To get to the Summer, and experience that “summer lovin”, you first have to go through the spring. For me, the spring in Lund is my favourite time of the year , and it is really something special. For most of the students it means a lot of partying at Kvalborg and Valborg. But that is not the only fun and extraordinary thing that happens during this weekend.

First of May is a special date for all student Unions and the education surveillance in Lund. This is the day when LundaEkonomerna, together with the rest of the Unions and Lund University Student Unions (LUS), walk to the University building to express our thoughts about the education and what the University should work towards to the Vice Chancellor. This years’ first of May, the sun was finally shining and you could really feel the Spring in the air. We were dressed in prom dresses, white ties and student hats when we were walking from the AF-castle, through Lundagård, together with the massed standards and Lunds choir singing “Studentsången”. Cecilia Skoug, the President of LUS, knocked on the door to the university building and the Vice Chancellor Torbjörn Von Schantz appeared. Cecilia, representing all the Unions, held a speech saying that we want the University to focus on strategic development of the education, gender equality at the University and a more digitalised education. Torbjörn responded, and my feeling was that we shared the same view upon these problems, and therefore, I hope that he has an action plan ready at his desk.

The strategic development of the education, the gender equality at the University and a more digitalised education is something we currently are trying to influence the University to improve, and I hope that you all will see the effect of this in the future.

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