President’s Column #127

Is it not amazing how innovative students can be? Every day I meet engaged members of LundaEkonomerna that have found a new way to do something and by that solve a problem. It does not matter how complex the problem is, they will always solve it by bringing up a new idea or affect the process that we already have and make it better. Every time I get astonished.


This Friday, I was in the audience at Dragons at the University, an event arranged by the Entrepreneurship Committee. Six different teams got five minutes to pitch an idea to four dragons. The ideas were great! They had come up with everything from an app that solved the problem with lost coat check tickets, to a new way to read articles that you have to subscribe to. This also got me very astonished.

But, there is one more way that the students show their innovated skills that never fail to surprise me. I even get surprised by my myself. The innovation that is going on every day in favour of finding more important and urgent things to do than to study for an exam that makes you nervous. You could even find a way to get cleaning your apartment to be fun. There are no limits.

Whether you are being innovative by solving problems, by getting new ideas to pitch or by procrastinate during you studies, I am sure you could benefit from this in the future because it is always good to be innovative. Nothing is impossible and there is always a better way!

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