President’s Column #124

Is winter coming or is summer leaving? Autumn is definitely here, but are we half finished with the semester or do we have half of it left? Is a glass of water half full or half empty? The questions mean the same but have a different approach regarding attitude and I always try to think in a positive way, that everything is going to be all right, though sometimes it is hard. It feels like this period, the end of October, in a student’s life comes with a lot of deadlines. For those who study it has been an exam period and for us in the board it has been a lot of work with the budget.

I remember when I was studying Jöken, a course that many of you probably already have studied or will study during your time here at LUSEM. This was some time ago and it was the first course I studied at Lund University. It is a 15 points course with only one exam in the end, and as a naive first term student this invited me to live life to the fullest. So the first months the student life in Lund got most of my attention. When it got closer to the exam I got a chock when I realised that the subject was actually kind of hard and there was much more to learn then I had expected. That day I moved in to Alfa, where I spent many days without fresh air, daylight, with a lot of food from Ica Tuna. When I left Alfa at two o’clock the night before the exam I was hopeless. In the morning I called my mother, and was close to not even go to the exam. I was trapped in negative thoughts but she convinced me to think positive and change my attitude. One hour later I went to the exam and managed to pass it!

Thanks to the shift from negative to positive thoughts I succeeded. Everything will always be all right, just think positive. I quote my friends and colleagues at Uppsalaekonomerna ”Drink coffee, put on some gangsta rap and handle it”.

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