President’s Column #123

The semester has started and all students are finally back in Lund and at LUSEM. During the summer Skånis has been very empty and quiet, but now the house is filled with students again, ready to take on the new semester.

Lund is a city like no other – one of its qualities is that it can vary in shapes. The Board started working by the first of August at Skånis. At that time, Lund was like a ghost town, the streets were empty and it felt like the city was sleeping.

Three weeks later the Novice week started and overnight the city shifted from a ghost town to a pulsating stu-dent city. The streets were filled with cheering and singing people around the clock, and you could feel the high expectations from both new and old students. By September, Lund continued to fill with people bursting with energy. We all feel that a new semester means a lot of new opportunities; opportunities to grow, to meet new people, and to cre-ate memories for life. It is the power of all students at Lund University that makes this city flourish when autumn comes around. According to me, this is the perfect shape of Lund.

For you who will experience your first semester in Lund, I can guarantee that you have made the right choice, because it is true – Lund is the best student city in Sweden. What-ever you are interested in there is something that will suit you.

I will try to capture the energy that vibrates around us all and bring it into my job as President. I suggest you do the same, no matter the tasks that lie ahead of you.

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