Pandora’s Box

The main purpose of LundaEkonomerna is ‘’to monitor and contribute to the development of the education and conditions for studies provided at LUSEM’’. Educational surveillance at LUSEM is dealt with by the Education Committee in LundaEkonomerna. The Education Committee has representatives in the board of each faculty at LUSEM, who acts as the voice of all students. In order to further contribute to the main purpose of LundaEkonomerna, the Education Committee will launch a whole new event next week, Pandora’s Box! I had a chat with the project leaders of the Education Committee – Molly Backman and Samuel Trönndal, as the first edition of this event is getting closer.

Molly and Samuel, why is this event called Pandora’s box?

-Pandora’s box originates from greek mythology. It was originally a gift from Zeus, the mightiest of all Greek gods, to Pandora, the first woman to walk on Earth. Pandora, who was lacking patience, was not allowed to open the box she had received from Zeus. But when she did, she learnt that the box contained a large variety of ‘’problems’’, such as various diseases, which spread all over the world. The purpose of this event is to collect “problems” and issues that the students have about the school, just like Zeus collected problems in Pandora’s box.

Tell me about the event!

-This event is something we are doing for the very first time and therefore, it can be seen as a trial. But we do hope it will work out! Also worth mentioning is that this can be seen as a pre-event to a new, secret event we will launch this autumn. The new event coming up this fall can be seen as a complement to Speak Up Days, which has been the main event the Education Committee has arranged previously.

Sounds interesting! But if you could be more precise, what will happen?

-We will stand outside Skånis on the 6th and 7th of May, between 10am and 3pm, and collect opinions regarding different topics. The topics are as follows; Internationalisation, Pedagogics, Equality and Digitalization. There will be some spons and smaller activities as well, which could be a good reason to swing by! Pandora’s box will be open the entire summer, so you can always leave an opinion if you would like to do so. In the end of September, we will host a new event with the purpose to collect more ideas from old and new students at LUSEM.

The Education Committee has previously been working with issues. What is the main difference between sending an issue and expressing thoughts regarding different topics?

It is still possible to send an issue, which you can do at LundaEkonomerna’s website. But this is not quite the same thing. The topics are larger, and more general compared to the issues, which are more specific. Also worth mentioning is that the opinions regarding the topics, which we will collect, might result in more permanent changes when it comes to the education provided at LUSEM, which allows people to be more creative and think about the bigger picture, when it comes to how their dream education would be like. However, the Education Committee are still happy to help if you have any issues regarding your education!

Malkolm Wester


Editor of Nådiga Lundtan and currently studying the Bachelors program in Business Administration and Economics at LUSEM.

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