Not another C*****virus article?!

“Oh no, not another Corona based article” you might think, but worry not! This is just a reflection about what I, and probably many others, have learnt during these times of social distancing.

1. I love to bake, but I’m honestly not very good at it.

Endless sourdough attempts, a kitchen covered in flour and bread rolls that could break even the strongest of teeth. Needless to say, those years of working at a bakery didn’t rub off.

2. My home needs a makeover.

I have never been much of a handy woman but something with spending more time at home makes me want to go all “Extreme Home Makeover” on my flat. Everything needs refurbishing and why not do it myself? I remember having a screwdriver here somewhere…

3. I am completely without artistic talent.

I am all for trying new hobbies but after giving painting a go I have realised that I am not the modern day Monet. Not even Picasso…

4. Yoga is not for me.

Whilst we’re on the topic of new hobbies, I have to admit that yoga just isn’t for me. I have made an honest attempt, but I am as flexible as a piece of dried spaghetti, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

5. Focusing at one thing at a time is completely impossible.

I woke up today, thinking I would catch up on some lectures, and here I am! Three hours later writing an article with my lecture still on pause at 5 min 32 seconds.

6. Learning a new language is fun – for about a week!

Raise your hand if you, like me, downloaded Duolingo weeks ago expecting to become fluent in a new exciting language but to this day can’t even count to ten?

7. Taking up running could be fun.

It wasn’t. I tried several times finding the right running technique for me. Turns out the problem was me trying to run in the first place.

Running, baking and DIY-projects – so what have I truly accomplished this spring? Truth be told not much, but to all my fellow quarantine clichés out there – stay safe and we’ll get through this!


Emma Olsson

Editor of Nådiga Lundtan HT19

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