Motivation in the Dark

Winter, is approaching fast and darkness settles over Lund. Most people feel like being inside and getting cozy in front of a movie, and drink a warm cup of tea. It is that time of the year when you can enjoy looking out the window at the leaves flying around in the wind and people walking around in big, warm jackets.

The feeling I get during autumn when it gets darker is obviously that the days become shorter, leading to fewer hours of studying. But how do you motivate yourself to sit down and study effectively? Off course, everybody need to find their own study technique. But are there ways to continue to perform as well as one did in the beginning of the semester? I think there are several methods!

I really love autumn, when the leaves change color from green to orange and red and settle as a wonderfully soft carpet on the ground. Therefore I think you should try to use this time to be outside and walk around or even take a run, because there is nothing as delightful as breathing in the damp fog in the early morning. If that does not motivate you enough the best reason is that it gives a lot more energy and strength for the rest of the day.

During autumn, fruit such as clementine and orange becomes cheaper. Theses fruits can easily mix together to a delicious smoothie, a freshly squeezed juice, or why not make a fruit salad. It will be a good snack, while providing inherently good vitamins that give energy and power to your body.
So why not take advantage of this time of the year and enjoy everything it has to offer. Join a friend on a walk and then drink a glass of freshly made orange juice; feel the energy boost and the motivation to study. But between studies, the walks, and the healthy drinks you should not forget to cuddle up on the sofa and watch a really good movie and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Because that is also a part of the wonderful season of autumn.

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