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What do you want to be when you grow up? I doubt your answer was entrepreneur; I know mine was not. Yet here I am, president of LundaEkonomerna’s Entrepreneurship Committee, writing an article about entrepreneurship and wanting to become nothing else. What happened?

Have any of the phrases ”Why hasn’t anyone thought of this?”, ”I could do that better!” ”Someone should fix that!” ever crossed your mind? Entrepreneurship should not be about being an entrepreneur (whatever that is) or even running a business; it should be about doing things that concern you, things you are passionate about. From space exploration to gardening- the possibilities are endless. Actually, imagine yourself getting started on a painting. You start with a blank canvas and can paint anything, and there you have your first problem. For every good painting, there are a billion bad paintings just waiting to drip off your brush. There is no easy recipe for success, but remember some things are worth fighting for. You will always miss 100 % of the shots you do not take and if you are not being told ‘no’ constantly, you are not pushing yourself hard enough.

In the Entrepreneurship Committee our mission is to promote innovation and entrepreneurial activity within LundaEkonomerna. Our goal is to support aspiring student entrepreneurs, rookies aiming to be professionals, and are providing access to startup knowledge, experience and a network of people with similar interest and goals. We are constantly looking for new and interesting ways to achieve this including our two upcoming events: Boot Camp and ”Dragons at the University”.

Boot Camp is a crash course in starting a company within 12 hours. Covering topics like inspiration, ideation, marketing, creating a business model, financing, prototyping and pitching we will have industry professionals holding your hands through it all. A learning experience or the next BIG thing? That is totally up to you!

”Dragons at the University” is a competition taking place April 8th at Universitetshuset for those looking to develop their business idea and potentially start a business. Have a business idea you have been thinking about, or just want to watch and learn? Join us! Apart from watching the competition itself you will be given the opportunity listen to keynote speakers and learn more about the entrepreneurial world.

For more information and if you’re interested in the startup scene in Lund join the LundaEkonomerna Education page on Facebook. See you there!

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