Making the move to distance learning pt 2

How to make studying at home more productive:

  1. Create the optimal study environment 

The scenery we’re studying in may have a huge impact on our productivity. If you’re a person who struggles with finding a good work flow at home there are a few ways you can try to mimic a different study environment. Try to separate your work and leisure by creating a clear working space where you are only allowed to study. The study area may be a seperate room, desk or a seat at a table. If it’s difficult to dedicate one place to only studying, this can also be mimicked by for example always having a certain lamp on while working and switching it off when you’re done. That way you can try to teach your body to recognize when to be focused and when to relax. 

  1. Schedule 

One benefit of video lectures is that you have more power over your schedule. Learn to recognize when you are at your most productive and schedule watching lectures and schoolwork on that time of the day. In addition to scheduling, many people also find to-do lists effective. In order to remind yourself of the things you are not supposed to do before you’ve completed a certain task, you can also try Not-to-do lists where you write out distractions such as social media or certain new sites.

  1. Seek peer support and help

Even if you’re not able to physically study in the same room as your friends, you can use different tools such as zoom, google meets, facetime etc. to find a way to revise together. It’s also nice to catch up during study breaks and get peer support. Remember to also take advantage of the virtual office hours that many teachers are offering and do not hesitate to contact them if you have more questions. 

  1. Take care of yourself 

When you are self-isolating it’s extra important to be nice to yourself. Try meditating, taking long walks in nature and doing yoga. I promise that you will feel better. It’s also important to not be too hard on yourself if you struggle with finding motivation to study at home or procrastinate more than usually. Just try your best and flatten the curve <3. 

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